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How To Choose Your Ideal Event Planner?

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Unsure of how to choose your event planner? As an event planner in Singapore, we plan for events. So what do an event planner like us do? And how do you go about choosing an event planner? What kind of events do we do? Event planners plan for numerous events such as weddings, corporate wide dinners as well as charity …

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What Are The Most Important Characteristics Of An Event Planner?

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Event planners from a professional event company can be lifesavers when you need to plan for large scale or high profile events that you just can’t afford to mess up. However, what sets professional event planners apart from regular event planners? Today we will discuss what qualities event planners at a professional level must possess to thrive in such a …

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How Much Do Event Planners Cost?

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When it comes to planning an event there are two options. Option one is for you to book the venue, arrange for caterers, decoration, entertainment and many more. Yes, it is tedious, tiring, and you may end up paying a lot more! Another option is for you to pay someone to handle everything for you. These people are called event …

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