How To Choose Your Ideal Event Planner?

Unsure of how to choose your event planner? As an event planner in Singapore, we plan for events. So what do an event planner like us do? And how do you go about choosing an event planner? What kind of events do we do?

Event planners plan for numerous events such as weddings, corporate wide dinners as well as charity events. Event planners have to find the appropriate venue for the event to be carried out as well as to plan for the activities to be carried out such that the participants can have the fullest experience of what the clients expect them to have. They would also have to prioritise the different tasks for example:

#TaskPriority Status
1Determine objectives, budget and team to coordinate the eventHigh In progress
2Reserve event on appropriate calendar Medium Completed
3Determine order of programmesLow In progress

Event planners need to have a clear plan and be able to execute their plans properly and to the satisfaction of their clients. Every component of the event from location, to guest list to the activities that are going to be carried out before the event, during the event and after the event needs to be carefully thought out and eventually executed such that it meets the requirements and wants of the clients. User experience or the participants’ experiences are crucial and determines how successful the event went. This then further implies the capabilities of that specific event planner.

To Do List Schedule Calender Planner Organization Concept

In order to choose for an event planner you would have to consider the following factors: 

  • Project Value of Largest Event Organised.
  • Level of Experience Accorded to the Project.
  • Ability to Plan & Organise Spectrum of Events.
  • Response Time and Timely Feedback.

To begin, you have to determine the project value of the largest event that each company that provides event planning services has organized. This element will enable you, as the client, to assess the event planner’s capacity to conceptualize, manage, and execute an event. The more valuable the project, the more likely there will be more deliverables. Furthermore, the company’s scale will be determined by the challenges of manpower and logistics resources. An event planner who is able to take on a project with a high project value is also more likely to have the financial stability to complete all of the tasks that have been assigned to them.

Secondly, you would need to evaluate the level of experience the company has according to the project. It is critical that you as the client have a qualified and experienced representative from the event planner company to handle your project and be in charge from conceptualization to completion. This employee should have at least 3 years of experience designing and managing events of similar nature and project value, and should be holding a minimum position of events manager. The personality of the event director or manager is also relatively important, as this will determine his or her ability to collaborate well with the other members of the organising committee.

Thirdly, the ability to plan, design and organise a wide range of events is also crucial in selecting your event planner. Many clients hope to have a dependable and capable event planner to work with in the long run, to plan and organise the many different types of events for the company. As a result, having an event planner who can handle a wide range of events, from small gatherings to large-scale public gatherings, is critical. This will also allow you as the client to be able to work more efficiently and quickly in the event planning process as the event planner will be more familiar and would fully understand the culture of your company and will be able to conceptualise events that will be in line with your company’s policies and goals.

Fourth, you should place an emphasis on the event planner’s response time and timely feedback. One of the most crucial responsibilities of the event planner is to keep track of the project timeline for you. It’s critical that the planner has the bandwidth and manpower in place to provide an acceptable response time to your requests and enquiries throughout the project.

In order to keep the project on track, the planner should also identify and provide feedback to the client on any potential obstacles or issues resulting from the project timeline deliverables. Whereas when there is a lapse, the planner should be prepared to supply your firm with appropriate answers as soon as possible. Effective communication is key for an event planner as they need to work closely with your company in order to eliminate any potential errors and to address any issues that they face. Communication that is done wrongly would result in the objectives of the event being incorrectly identified and the event being an unsuccessful one. 

Most event planners are virtual event organisers, which means that instead of convening in a real location, your customers, internal staff, and external stakeholders can communicate safely in a virtual environment on the web. Virtual events are more cost effective as the cost of booking a physical location is omitted. Given the Covid-19 situation here in Singapore, virtual events are trending and are the only alternatives to physical events that provide the most similar and fullest experience. 

Here, we pride ourselves as an event planner on being able to earn the trust of our clients and deliver exceptional execution and consistency in all the events we organise. Because of our high level of professionalism, we have a pristine record of having almost 75% of our clients choosing us to organise their annual events for a second year in a row. We also have a clients’ list whom we have been serving annually for a long time which is a testament to our service levels and event outcomes that always exceeds their expectations every year! Contact the best event planner in Singapore immediately to ensure that your guests are thoroughly entertained and that your events are a success.

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