What are the benefits of educational toys for my kids?

We have all come across toys in our life be it walking through the malls or going to a toy wholesale. Toys are seen as a form of entertainment for kids as it’s meant to bring joy and excitement to them. However as time has moved people have created toys that are specifically designed as educational toys for children. Now in this current era, you are bound to come across educational toys. But have you ever wondered how it actually benefits your kid? In this article we will share with you all about educational toys.

As everyone says it is easier to learn when you have fun while learning. Well playing is the best way that kids start to learn. Kids at a young age love exploring and learning about new things at a very early stage of their lives. Usually as parents we tend to fill our houses with toys that our children love to play and have fun with. Did you know that encouraging children to play with educational toys for kids can actually help with their intellectual development and learn many other skills such as:

  • Problem solving
  • Learning how to compromise, share and resolve conflicts while playing
  • Developing their fine and gross motor skills
  • Developing their creativity and imagination
  • Discovering their ability to be independent and have positive self esteem

Why should you invest in educational toys and games?

In general, many parents tend to say that their children are already learning in school and do not want to put them through more pressure or that their kid is too young for educational toys.

As parents you may actually have had these thoughts yourself, but let us give you a clearer picture . Kids are generally quick learners and amazing observers. It is how you as their parents help and mold their learning abilities to shape a better future. These educational toys are not necessarily required to be the ones with alphabets or numbers. Attractive puzzles as well as colourful blocks are also considered as educational toys.

In addition, you do not have to worry about additional pressure that may come along with these toys to your kids. Educational toys have been specially designed in a way that your kids actually wouldn’t know that they are learning as they will be too distracted having fun. The main purpose of creating and designing these educational toys is to promote learning through playing. Educational toys have no age limit where they can’t be introduced to your kids. All these educational toys have been specially created for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and older kids for them to benefit from. We highly recommend parents invest their time into choosing the right toys for their children which is choosing the age appropriate specifically meant for that particular age group.

Musical instruments, jigsaw puzzles, crafty toys and dress up toys are some of the best toys for development that have the potential to instill creativity and problem solving skills in kids. The most important thing is to know and understand your child’s interests and their development stages as this will definitely help you in picking the right and most beneficial educational toys and games for you kids.

Here is a list of the benefits of educational toys along with the explanation:

  • Enhanced motor development

Educational toys are designed to develop sensory motor skills in children. Sense of sight in small kids is enhanced by sound, vibrant and colourful lights. Activities and toys that are crafty help to enhance fine motor skills in children that are older. Personality and communication skills will be further promoted for kids by this.

  • Increase of IQ and Problem solving skills

Toys that are educational and developmental are known to help children boost their IQ level by better memory retention, coordination and increased literacy. These toys and games aid in challenging children’s minds when learning how to play. For example, when a child stacks a number of blocks on top of one another but happens to miss in balancing them properly, they will then see all the blocks fall into many pieces. Another example is a puzzle game, where the kid will be required to focus all his attention and energy towards solving the puzzle. With time and constant trying, these challenges will allow the kids to grow and develop amazing problem solving skills.

  • Develop social and emotional intelligence

Training your child to be a social being can happen right at home. Using educational toys, your children will be able to take on role-playing and understand emotions and be able to develop empathy. These toys will specifically place your children through different social situations which involve sharing, bonding, leading, waiting, caring, etc. Having your kid play also helps to develop their emotional intelligence as they have the ability to respond to emotions such as sadness, laughter or anger.

  • Improvement of concentration level

While playing, you are able to help your child focus on a for a much longer period of time. Introducing toys at an early age will help your child to improve their concentration. This simple tactic will definitely help him during his academic years later in the future.

  • Instill creativity and imagination

These educational toys not only help your child to foster learning and growth but the ability to think creatively as well. Games have been integrated with these toys that will instill creative imagination in your child. You will be able to witness your kids using their creative skills and make something beautiful out of it.

Always remember that there are thousands of brands that cater to educational toys. Toys wholesales cater to your children’s needs and wants. Remember that you know your own child best and you know their interests more than anyone. You are the first and best teacher for your child, these toys are just additional items that are there to boost and help your child throughout this teaching process. 

Your child is constantly looking up to your support and guidance throughout this wonderful journey of learning. Granting them with the best, most simple and fun educational toy will just help to enhance their experience. For kids the whole world is a playground that is filled with possibilities, imagination and creativity. These toys help to promote that. We hope this article has cleared your doubts on anything related to educational toys.

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