What is Cataract?

What is cataract surgery

A cataract is more common with increasing age, though it can occur at any time in life. For those aged 45 to 74 the percentage of people with vision reduced by cataract is %. By age 60 years, more than 60% of eyes have cataracts. By 75 years of age, about 95% of eyes have a cataract. What is Cataract …

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5 Of The Best Property Lawyer In Singapore

property conveyancing fees

Why would you require a property lawyer for conveyancing? Whether you are selling or buying a property, you would need a property lawyer to help you do your conveyancing. The best property lawyer in Singapore would be able to help you out whether you are on either side of the property sales agreement.  Tips To Find The Right Lawyer In …

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“Doc, I’m pregnant and bleeding”

Cervical Polyps

M almost freaked out when she saw a patch of fresh blood staining her panty in the morning. She had had sexual intercourse with her husband the night before. She woke him up straightaway and rushed to my clinic. M, 28, a first-time mum, was in her 12 weeks of pregnancy. She related the incident with some embarrassment. “Doc, will I …

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A Mother’s Not-So-Sweet Story: Pregnancy diabetes

Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

M was upset and looked at me in disbelief when I told her the not-so-sweet news. She had failed her glucose tolerance test (GTT) and had been suffering from gestational diabetes. M, aged 34, and a first-time mum was at 24 weeks of gestation. “Doc, I have a sweet tooth.” She confessed. “I would indulge in cakes and ice-cream after …

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“Ouch! My Back Hurts!”

It was on a Sunday last December, I went to play golf with my husband and Eve and Jonathan. Jonathan is a professional golfer and golf coach at the local country club. Eve was invited to have a nice day out on the course just for “Fun”. We started at 8:30 am and without realizing it took us 3 hours …

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Top 3 Most Famous Dentist At Clementi

ocean dental around clementi

If you live around the West Coast and are looking for a Family Dentist at West Coast, we have a few suggestions. Whether it is for a family routine check-up, orthodontic treatment for your kids or yourself, or urgent cases such as needing a tooth extraction, root canal or transplant, the dentists around Clementi are equipped for all services. Ginza Dental …

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adidas old logo

The History of Adidas Adidas is known to be one of the world’s most popular sports manufacturers in the world, second to Nike. What is the success behind this major sports manufacturer and how did it rise the ranks over the years to be sought after and loved by many? Let’s take a look back at their humble beginnings and …

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I lost 10kg after signing up for Belly Dancing lessons!

belly dancing students Singapore

It was at a point of time in my life where everything felt like it was falling apart. I remember it was coming up to school holidays at the end of the year. My marriage was rocky, the kids were getting ready for term break, a lot of preparation for the upcoming festive season needed to be done. I noticed …

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Doing The Best Physiotherapy Exercises to Relieve Your Knee Pain

Knee pain is the most common of all joint pain. Knee pain is experienced by people of all age and levels of activity and knee pain can be caused either by injury or by overuse. Whatever the cause of knee pain, exercise can help to relieve knee pain. Exercise also helps restore mobility and increases range of motion. It is …

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