The Best Father’s Day Gift Ever!

Charles Kettering once said, “Every father should remember one day his son will follow his example, not his advice”. And ever since I have heard it, it has stuck with me. I have always looked up to my father. He is this guy who always gives but never receives. He is by far the most selfless and humble person I have ever met. Not only that, he is also patient, understanding, forgiving, thoughtful, and many more.

No words can ever explain how wonderful he is as a person and especially as a father to my siblings and I. Have I ever mentioned that I have 7 siblings? And that I am the oldest? Well having 8 kids must have been hard on my parents especially when we did not have enough family income. My father falls sick easily, and our house does not have a water heater so he has to take cold showers which does not seem good for him. We were also not able to get any as the water heaters in Singapore were out of our budget. Therefore, last Father’s Day I decided to get him an instant water heater as a gift for being my role model.

Since I have graduated from University, I have been working relentlessly so I can save enough money for a present. We did not have a lot growing up, but my dad would give us everything he has without any hesitation. It has always been one of my lifelong dreams to let my parents live comfortably and carefree once I am earning a stable income. My father is the person who made me the man I am today. Without him, I probably would have been lost in life. Being able to see my mother and father smile makes me the happiest person in the world. I owe everything to my parents and siblings.

It honestly took me some time before I was able to find a brand that would best suit my father. It is called RHEEM. RHEEM is an American company with a lot of years in the industry, so they are considered the industry leader. They have won many awards for their products and services. They have also developed some of the most innovative water heating appliances ever since they first started. Since my family and I recently moved houses, I decided to go for their instant tankless electric water heater.

RHEEM offers many tankless electric water heaters, but my siblings and I decided to choose the 36kw Tankless Electric Water Heater with the Year Limited Warranty. The reason why we opted for this was mostly because we felt like it was the most suitable water heater for our dad. It is 99.8 percent energy efficient, meaning they are sustainable. My father loves doing his part in helping to save the environment, most of our household appliances he bought are energy efficient.

Benefits that I have realised from using RHEEM’s 36kw tankless electric water heater:

  • Consistent hot water, any time and every time
  • There is a wide range of temperature to choose from and adjust
  • It is very convenient and easy to use
  • Simple installation
  • Saves money and energy
  • Does not take up a lot of space
  • Easy to maintain

I have done my fair share of research before I decided to invest in a tankless water heater. It is proven that instant water heaters tend to last longer than the traditional water tanks which have a life expectancy of about 12 years. If maintained properly and carefully, an instant water heater can last for up to 20 years! The appliance also has easily replaceable parts that can further extend the life expectancy of it. One of the reasons why it lasts longer compared to tank water heaters is because it is less exposed to any kind of water corrosion.

Although the cost price of the tankless instant water heater is more expensive than the traditional tanks ones, you are saving money for the long run! Like I said before, the tankless system lasts almost a whole decade longer than tank water heaters. I am not required to pay more for heating water that is not being used. When the tap is turned on, water immediately passes through the heater and provides it to my family and I. I am able to save up to 50 percent of energy, meaning my electric bills are being cut by half!

Let us say that my family and I do move to another house in the future, tankless instant water heaters help increase Our  house value in the market! There are many reasons as to why this happens.

  1. Frees up more space for storage – compared to tank water heaters, a tankless one saves up a lot more space. The extra space given can be attractive to potential buyers, instead of seeing a water tank.
  2. It is sustainable – the newer generation cares a lot about being environmentally sustainable. They are even willing to pay higher prices for appliances that are sustainable. Getting the tankless water heater can make my house more desirable on the market.
  3. Will be able to compete with “smart” houses – with advanced technology, there is an increased demand in houses that come with a smart assistant. Owning a tankless instant water heater will put you on par with them.

It has been about 5 months since I gave the instant water heater to my dad, and let me just say, he looks more relaxed and calm. He has not been complaining about his back or neck aches, which is a good thing. He also does not get sick as often now and I have read online that hot showers help with that. Apparently, the heat from the water helps to open up airways, loosen up phlegm and clear out nasal passages. Hot showers also stimulate your immune system. It was not easy choosing a brand for a water heater in Singapore, but I am truly glad to have picked RHEEM.