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“Doc, I’m pregnant and bleeding”

Cervical Polyps

M almost freaked out when she saw a patch of fresh blood staining her panty in the morning. She had had sexual intercourse with her husband the night before. She woke him up straightaway and rushed to my clinic. M, 28, a first-time mum, was in her 12 weeks of pregnancy. She related the incident with some embarrassment. “Doc, will I …

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Gynaecology Consultation Clinic in Singapore

gynaecology clinic

: Overview, Benefits, and Expected Results Definition and Summary Gynaecology consultation is a regular and frequently diagnostic process performed by gynecologists to assess the overall state of the female reproductive system and determine the presence of diseases and infections. It may also relate to fertility and to a certain extent, preconception, prenatal, and maternal attention. This kind of consultation has …

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