My Review of the Xwell Cube Classic Plus Electric Storage Water Heater

With the up and rising modern technology getting more advanced, electric water heater companies have been upgrading their products which have led to water heaters becoming a new modern-day household appliance that has been in demand.

Why did you decide to buy it?

In Singapore, electric storage heaters are common because of their affordable cost and ease of use. The Xwell Cube Classic Plus Electric Storage Water Heater, as you can see in the image above, is aesthetically attractive. Its convenient size and elegant design allow it to be installed almost anywhere in your home or outside, as long as there is access to water.

I opted to buy it since the Xwell Cube Classic Plus Electric Storage Water Heater is the ideal size for my bathroom and offers extra functions that will be discussed further down.

This item has an inner tank to store hot water, and once the switch is turned on, electric storage water heaters will begin to heat water.

Because of its sturdy and long-lasting Incoloy heating element, this cold and hot water machine for bathing will provide you with many years of enjoyable showers.

Some background information about this electric storage water heater is that there are two versions of this Xwell Cube Classic Plus Electric Storage Water Heater which are:

  • XC-15
  • XC-30

From their name, XC-15 and XC-30, they are both in different sizes and can hold up to 15 and 30 litres of water.

kW1.5-17.5 kW1.5-17.5 kW
Water Pressure (kPa)800800
Working temperature (max)70 degrees celsius70 degrees celsius
Ingress Protection (IP Rating)IP24IP24
Heating ElementIncologyIncology
Weight (KG)149
Dimension447 x 447 x 380mm356 x 356 x 318mm

Apart from the nice and visually attractive design, I like the volume of hot water that is blasted out, since storage heaters have a rather long hot water wait time. The Xwell version includes a lot of wonderful features that I personally like, such as:

Hot DiffuserThis helps to extend the shower by up to 45% which is something you do not get often as compared to other popular brands.
Safety Cut-offMakes it family-friendly to use and prevents incidents.
HD AnodeThe HD anode helps to increase tank protection, preventing it from corroding.
Glas exclusiveThis feature helps to extend the life of the tank.
Foam insulationThe product will be able to retain up to 16% more heat as compared to other products and brands.

However, because of its foam insulation, which delivers high-quality polyurethane foam that gives comfort and moisture to the air, this device is able to keep heat in its tank for a considerably longer amount of time while also decreasing the heating time. It also provides constant hot water, as seen above, thanks to its Hot Diffuser, allowing for a longer shower.

Do you have concerns about corrosion?

Fear not, since the sacrificial anode rod is only for the purpose of protecting the inner tank from water intrusion, therefore extending its useful life. It is intended to prevent rust, so you can rest easily without spending extra money.

Another thing I appreciate is that

It minimizes the water leakage risk by over 67% with a pressure relief valve to prevent an excessive increase in water pressure in the inner tank. Its water temperature can go up to 70 degrees celsius which is pretty standard for an electric storage water heater so you can have fun adjusting it to your desired temperature.

The product is safe to use apart from its glass lining coating on the inner tank, they also installed a safety cut function to prevent scalding and its water pressure is around 800kPa.

How much does it cost?

Water heaters, in general, can be relatively expensive, especially the type of water heater you are looking for such as the solar water heaters, although they might help to reduce your energy consumption, it takes quite an effort and time to install it.

An electric storage water heater is rather easy to install especially if you are living in Singapore. It is the cheapest to purchase amongst all the other water heater types although instant water heaters are more prominent in Singapore.

Where did you buy it from?

When you key in the product name, it will straight away pop up the brands’ website, also known as Rheem. The way Rheem sells this product would be through a dealer. They do not state their prices on their website but they will connect you with an authorized Rheem dealer for further information and negotiation.

Unfortunately, e-commerce stores such as Shopee or Lazada do not sell this particular model.

Why I would recommend:

  • If you want rapid access to hot water that is also simple to use, I would highly suggest this device.
  • The product has a wonderfully compact design that will give your bathroom an extra glow and beauty with the need to cover it up with the ceiling.
  • Because of the functions included, it is suitable for usage by the entire family.

Although obtaining this product might require extra effort as they refer to their dealers, I believe they can add this product to other e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba, Shope, Lazada, and many more to widen their reach and provide more convenience to their customers. This will help to increase their profits and provide a more efficient way of satisfying their customers.

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