“My Mum Nearly Went Blind!”

On my mum’s 59th birthday, we went out for a lovely dinner at Robertson Quay. She loved her Greek food and so we went with the family and grandparents to one of her favourite restaurants. My mum doesn’t work, she stays home, loves to cook and makes the best home cooked food. During her free time, she would knit, read her kindle, garden whilst getting some fresh air, talk to her sisters on the phone – she was always doing something. 

Eyesight became worse

Six months after her birthday, it was in the summer of 2018 she started complaining a lot about her vision. I remember her mistaking oyster sauce from soya sauce even after reading the labels (but maybe because both are black and red in colour and labelling), but mistaking salt for sugar in the food because she could not read the labels without her glasses, was a problem for her in the kitchen. 
Her eyesight was gradually getting worse, when she had asked whether I had seen her bok choy which she thought was spinach. I could also tell that she was getting easily irritated when she could not read messages from her phone or struggled more and more to read her kindle. We went to see an eye specialist who diagnosed mum with Cataract just before her 60th birthday. He advised for mum to be given a second opinion at a clinic specialising in cataract surgery in Singapore.

my mother cant see well
Cataract Doctor Q&A

Cataract is an eye disease, usually developed in elderlies ages from 60 – 75 years old. As we get older, it is normal that our eyesight deteriorates. It is not surprising if you notice how we live everyday, we are fixed on our phones, laptops, whatever technology – TV or even books. 

As our eyes due to our lifestyle are constantly strained, it’s just a natural process that occurs. Whether we like it or not, we must face the consequences of using our eyes too much growing up! When we reach a certain age, everything in our vision becomes a little blurrier and can get quite frustrating. I saw that with mum, she never used to complain in her 40s or 50s, she wore glasses but it was never a big deal. The cataract surgeon explained that usually the eye disease only gets serious later on, when the functions of the eye stop working like they should naturally. 

cataract surgery needed in singapore

Visit A Cataract Surgeon

Visiting the clinic specializing in cataract surgery in Singapore was a big help to keep my mum’s eye condition under control. They helped a lot with monitoring and advising what the next step of prevention was for the problem to get any worse. Also, made sure she was fit and in a stable condition from going blind. 
Earlier this year, in Jan 2020, mum had scheduled another appointment at the clinic. In good timing, the cataract surgeon advised that mum needed to do a cataract surgeon to prevent her eyesight from getting any worse.

my mother can see well now

It was always a good idea to regularly check up with her cataract surgeon because if it wasn’t for her appointment that determined she needed surgery, it would have been devastating to see mum going almost blind. The active busy bee turned into a stinging bee that almost lost sight of where she was going until cataract surgery saved her sight!