“I Lost My Job Due To Covid-19!”

It was on a Sunday night when the news broke, the company I had been working for was due to close. The message came through as I received an alert on my phone that the business will no longer be operating from this week onwards. Essentially, this meant I did not have a job from that moment. The first thing that crossed my mind was OK, I need to get online and start finding a new job or get in touch with a recruitment agency in Singapore. Or do something to earn me some income. I was in panic, as fear and worry set in. I knew that it was not going to be easy finding another job, especially when the whole economy is down at the moment. But still, the survival instinct in me had me on fight or flight mode to not be unemployed.

empty f&b restaurant in singapore
Restaurant interior

My Family
I am a husband and father of two kids, my eldest who is finishing in Polytechnic and my second who is in Secondary 4. I was a restaurant manager and worked in the east where the restaurant was located opened for almost 10 years now, 8 of which I worked my way to a managerial position. Working in the food & beverage industry, I found passion in management and service which made going to work everyday much easier. But of course, family still comes first to me, their health, wellbeing and education was driving everything that I did. So, as you can imagine losing my job due to Covid-19 was devastating as I still have my children’s education to support and expenses to pay. 

coronavirus macro shot
Covid-19. Coronavirus Outbreak Design with Virus Cell in Microscopic View on Green Background. Vector Illustration Template on Dangerous SARS Epidemic Theme for Promotional Banner or Flyer

For a moment in doubt that I would not be able to find a job, especially during this time I thought going to a recruitment agency would help. Many companies and businesses, as I’m sure it was not only mine, have been weighing up whether it is worth to still remain open. It is just unfortunate that the restaurant I was working at could not see to survive this. Not putting any blame on the company for deciding what the best solution is for moving forward, I had to very quickly leave what I had behind and move forward myself.

Research For Jobs Online
I researched online for new job openings, not fussy about what kind of job I wanted. That was the least of my worries. However, results were close to none and did not hear back from almost all. I went to see a recruitment agency in Singapore who helped to hook me up with a few of their clients and with a very favourable way, also helped to keep my hopes up.

recruitment services in singapore

They regularly kept me updated with any news from companies that I had applied to with their recruitment services. Honesty helped to keep my expectations at bay which they kept constant to help keep my anxiety at ease. When finding a job, it is not always a pleasant ride, it’s a rollercoaster of good and bad news and fluctuations of emotions. I went through almost 3 weeks before getting this new job that I got through a recruitment agency. So long as you don’t give up and lose hope in finding one, whatever your driving factor is, there are always opportunities out there. Even in unpleasant times like now. There are also many resources and support to utilities to get through tough periods and situations, like a recruitment agency in Singapore has for me.