Frequent Hot Showers Are Good For Cleanliness

With the Covid-19 pandemic going around, everyone is extra cautious and wary about physical contact, falling sick, or going out. None of us would want to be in contact with the transmittable virus and germs. My father has advised me many times recently to take more hot showers so I can “disinfect” my body. He said that our new water heater shower from RHEEM will do just the trick for killing germs and that it is cheaper compared to normal electric water heater price. Of course, I did not believe him as any temperature water kills germs and bacteria too. So I decided to put aside some time to read and look for articles that prove hot showers does indeed kill more germs.

There have been scientific studies about hot vs cold showers. A lot of them have claimed that the end results are the same, and both kill the same amount of bacteria and germs. But if you were to dig deeper, there are articles stating that hot showers break apart oils, dirt, and sweat more efficiently and effectively. They are better at dissolving and washing away oil and dirt as compared to cold showers. Hot showers also cleans and kills bacteria and germs in dirty pores. Pores are generally swollen with bacteria and other infection-causing viruses. As hot water reduces the surface tension of water, you tend to get cleaner as compared to showering in cold water. Not only does hot showers kill more bacteria and germs, it also relieves cold symptoms since the hot steam moisturizes nasal passageways. Hot water minimises the potential hosts for bacteria and germs. Even if you cannot fully get rid of bacteria, at least we should try to get rid of most of them right?

Since Covid-19 is a respiratory virus, it can be spread through peoples’ noses and mouths. For example, sneezing, coughing, yelling, and talking. They will produce respiratory droplets, which contain the Covid-19 virus if you are infected. Meaning these droplets can land on your clothes, skin, shoes and so on. The chances of getting the Covid-19 virus is also increased if the contact happens by being close to infected people or persons indoors for an extended period. The Covid-19 virus can live up in the air for 3 hours, meaning you could be breathing the air of an infected person who has produced respiratory droplets 3 hours before. Even though the Covid-19 virus only stays on clothes for 2 days, it can stay up to 7 days on any plastic or metal. However there has been no certainty on how long the virus can live on your hair or skin. Thus, it is crucial to wash or disinfect your hands regularly as you may be in contact with contaminated surfaces.

Not only does hot showers kill bacteria and germs, there are many other benefits too.

Benefits of hot showers:

  • Lowers blood sugar – it lowers your blood sugar and burns calories
  • Able to fall asleep faster – it relaxes the body and prepares us to fall asleep
  • Lowers blood pressure – it is a great way of bringing down you blood pressure
  • Relieves muscle tension – soothes stiff muscles
  • Cleaner and healthier skin – it opens up the pores in the skin and wash out dirt and toxins
  • Moisturizes our skin – even though hot showers can result in us having wrinkly skin after, it is beneficial for us as it prevents the skin from drying up
  • Improves blood circulation – the hot water creates physical pressure on our body which increases the capacity of our heart. Making the heart work faster and stronger
  • Reduces headaches – it will soften the pressure on the blood vessels in our head and cure the headache
  • Helps us feel better about ourselves – hot showers are a great way to reduce anxiety as your body temperature will rapidly drop causing you to feel relax

As someone who works out a minimum of 4 times a week, ever since I started taking hot showers, my muscles feel more relaxed and calm. I can see myself losing the excess weight I have gained over the holidays as hot showers help with weight loss. The reason why my muscles get more relaxed after a hot shower is because it dilates blood vessels and increases the flow of my blood. This helps reduce muscle soreness and tightness. Hot showers also make me feel more refreshed, especially after a workout.

After using RHEEM’s tankless shower heater for almost 6 months now, I am recommending everyone to invest in one of RHEEM’s water heaters. It is by far the best water heater that I have used. It is not only cheap, but also highly functional, energy efficient, convenient to use, and easy to install and maintain. We can all do our part in helping to minimise the rise of global warming by using energy efficient products. RHEEM’s water heaters have a digital control feature which allows us control over our shower temperature setting however we like it. Their products are instant water heaters. Meaning, I do not need to wait for the water to heat up as I can immediately shower after waking up. If you are worried about how big the appliance is, fret not. RHEEM’s tankless water heaters are small, so they will be able to fit anywhere.

Overall, after spending hours researching, I realised that hot showers do indeed help kill bacteria and germs that are on our body. By taking frequent hot showers in a day, we will be easing the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Hot showers not only help kill bacteria but it also makes us feel better by relieving muscle tension and such. Honestly I am thankful to have been able to use RHEEM’s water heater shower, the pressure pumps ensure that the hot water runs smoothly and consistently. And without my dad’s advice on having hot showers, I would have never known how beneficial it is to the human body. I guess it is true that parents always know what is best.