Multiple H1 Headings: How to Handle Them for SEO & Accessibility

An episode of ask Google webmasters, Google’s John Mueller answer a question about multiple h1 headings and how to handle them.   This is a pretty common question and it’s pretty straightforward. Google doesn’t have a problem when it comes to multiple h1 headings on a page that’s a fairly common pattern on the web. Google uses headings to better …

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How Google Search Works

Google Search

Every day, billions of people come to Google with questions – about all kinds of things. Sometimes they even get questions about Google Search itself – like, how this whole thing actually works, and while this is a subject entire books have been written about, there’s a good chance you’re in the market for something a little more concise. So, …

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Why Google Choose a Different Page as Canonical

Ask google webmaster

In an episode of Ask Google Webmasters, John Mueller discusses how Google Search chooses a canonical URL from similar or duplicate pages. It’s quite common for a website to have multiple unique URLs that lead to the same content. A really common one is when the dub dub dub version of a site shows the same content as the non …

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