Optimising Website Performance: Tips for Faster Loading Times

In this cutthroat competition in Singapore, with more and more businesses trying to build a presence online, it’s essential for business owners to improve their business websites. Among the numerous factors that may affect your audience reach and brand impression, page speed plays a crucial role. Websites that take longer to load tend to witness higher bounce rates and reduced average time spent on the page. If your page is lagging, you must also take immediate action. Hiring the best search engine optimisation company in Singapore can certainly help identify the reasons why your website is slow and how to optimise it.

Let’s take a closer look at the effective methods to optimise your page speed without altering the technical aspects:

Turn on data compression. Compressing files can be an ideal solution to improve your page loading speed. It makes the file smaller, so they zip through the internet faster. Utilise Gzip, a software application designed for file compression. However, make sure to maintain image quality while compressing the files.

Reduce Redirects: Hiring a reliable SEO company in Singapore can reduce redirects. Redirects can increase the page loading speed of your website, which can reduce its mobile friendliness. However, with guidance from SEO experts, you can identify the unnecessary redirects, implement proper redirects, and create a redirect mapping plan to improve the user experience.

Eliminate Render-Blocking JavaScript: Render-blocking resources are sections of code within website files, typically found in CSS and JavaScript, that impede the swift loading of a web page. These resources demand a significant amount of time for the browser to process, yet they may not be essential for the immediate user experience. Reaching out to experts who excel in search engine optimisation can help you with the process.

Utilise Browser Caching: Browsers cache various types of data like stylesheets, images, and JavaScript files. Caching effectively decreases the delay in the roundtrip time by swiftly fetching content. The duration needed to acquire the resource from the cache is significantly less than that of the origin server, resulting in an accelerated content delivery process. Opt for the best SEO company in Singapore to improve your overall website performance.

Improve Server Response Time: Response time stands as a vital metric for gauging the effectiveness of customer service, as it directly measures the speed at which customer inquiries receive replies. The speed of your server’s response depends on traffic, resource usage, server software, and hosting. Identify and resolve performance bottlenecks, such as slow database queries and routing, by hiring iClick Media Pte. Ltd., the best search engine optimisation company in Singapore.

Use a Content Distribution Network (CDN): CDNs distribute the content delivery load across multiple servers in different locations. This ensures faster and more reliable access for users. It’s like having multiple copies of your site stored in diverse data centres.

Optimise Images: Last but not least, make sure your images are appropriately sized and in the correct format (PNG for graphics with fewer than 16 colours, JPEG for photographs). Compress images for web use to reduce loading times.
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