I lost 10kg after signing up for Belly Dancing lessons!

It was at a point of time in my life where everything felt like it was falling apart. I remember it was coming up to school holidays at the end of the year. My marriage was rocky, the kids were getting ready for term break, a lot of preparation for the upcoming festive season needed to be done. I noticed myself complaining more than usual (which the husband was not impressed with), I could feel myself losing my temper a lot faster with kids and every time I looked in the mirror, I was not impressed with how I was looking. It was on a night after putting the kids to bed, I found myself in the kitchen at 10 pm snacking on a bag of Doritos which I don’t usually do. I felt disappointed and quite shocked at the unhealthy habits that I had unconsciously taken up.

Joey Bay is a belly dance instructor from Singapore

It was not to my surprise at how much weight I had gained. With the upcoming festive season, visiting the extended family there was going to be a lot of catching up and I knew I couldn’t do it looking like this. I needed to start exercising again. In the past, I had regularly done weight loss programs for periods of 2-3 months but I could never maintain a stable weight. I was looking for a form of exercise that was not too strenuous and that I could continue over a period of time.

One night, after putting the kids to bed I was in bed scrolling through my phone and stumbled upon Belly Dancing classes. I had never taken belly dancing before, but I had read how it can help to lose weight and was keen on the idea of a new activity. So, I decided to sign up and a year later I am still continuing to take classes. I love it and the best part is, I lost 10kg in 6 months! If you are wondering how and looking to lose some weight, here is how I did it.

Singapore belly dance class

Let’s first start with how belly dance lessons  help you to lose weight. On average, a 1 hour class can help you to lose at least 300 calories in one session. Each class is different, some will focus on slower movements others will be high intensity as you shake to the beat of fast drums. Although belly dancing may not seem too hard of a workout, the fast movements and exhilarating music will really push you and build your endurance. So depending on the type of classes you go to, the harder you work the more calories you will burn. Plus, after your practice will you continue to burn as belly dancing will speed up your metabolism super high. Other than burning calories and weight loss, I have also seen a massive change in my physical appearance. I lost so much belly fat and has helped to tone my belly and waist.

To lose 10kg, I attended classes at least 3 times a week for 1 hour sessions. Of course, exercise is only part of the recipe to your weight loss journey. Diet is also important to control if you are serious about losing weight because exercise cannot make up for your calorie intake from food. Therefore, the amount of weight that we lose will be dependent on our bodies, diet and pre-existing health conditions.

A belly dancer performance

I would also like to note how much more intuned with my self and body I am since I started belly dancing. Dancing is a form of stress relief, it allows the body to loosen and creativity to flow. Moves like hip rolls, camels and figures of eights are all basic moves in Belly dancing and can take a bit of time getting comfortable with. It’s normal. When I first started I was super stiff, my hips were like rock and I could not get my body to “roll”. As I started accepting my body more, connecting and loving it more easily, I saw myself enjoying practice and seeing progress in my technique. Unlike other forms of weight loss programs that are ditched when weight loss is not a priority, belly dancing is a form of art that you can keep up for years and won’t get bored of. Signing up for belly dancing classes has been the best decision ever with how much it has changed me, physically, mentally and emotionally.

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