5 Exquisite Toilet Design Showing Water Heater with Rain Shower

Having a water heater with pump and rain shower is one of the most important things when it comes to showering. The heat makes everything we feel go away and the warmth wraps around the body like a blanket when it is raining heavily outside. Especially in the morning or at night.

We have broken down 5 easy ways you used the water heater and made the bathroom design nice.

This would be the first time that we would recommend you.

For this minimal design toilet, as you can see the water heater is visible. This water heater would cost less than the big ones. The white water heater fits in perfectly with the marble wall and the white paint. The white sink, walls and the transparent glass that makes the bathroom more aesthetically pleasing. Especially when you have guests over, they would be pretty impressed on how you are able to make a bathroom so aesthetically pleasing and probably take mirror selfies because of the background.

Next, the second design that we choose would be this:

The interior of the design looks like the previous one but it is much more spacious. The water heater would be hidden inside at the shower place take up space like an  ‘L’. it would not be visible for anyone to see it. The marble design wall contrasted with the black sinks and rails. The marble design does not have too much of the black cracks on it, the black sink and rails would make the marble design wall pop up differently. The shower place is actually very spacious. The toilet bowl fits perfectly near the sinks which makes it more easier for you if you have to rush out for work, you can just sit down while brushing your teeth while being half awake.

In addition to it, If you were to have guests coming over for dinner, lunch, birthday party or just a get together. The first thing that comes to their mind would be such an aesthetically pleasing bathroom you have. With no doubt, they will obviously take a mirror selfie with your aesthetically pleasing bathroom.

Going in third place would be this bathroom:

This bathroom does not look like any of the two previous bathrooms we have shown you. This bathroom looks more to the artsy style compared to the modern marble style bathroom. Nonetheless, it is still aesthetically pleasing to the eye for some people who are really into art. As  you can see the shower place takes up a place just like the previous one, the ‘L’ shape which means that the water heater would be able to be hidden behind the walls that are covering it.

This toilet has a mirror cabinet which you can store your facials or any necessary items that would be suitable for toiletry. As normal the toilet bowl is near to the sinks and there is a dust bin which is convenient to throw tissue paper when you are on the toilet bowl or floss when you are flossing your teeth at the sink. The colour combination looks pretty, there is a different variety of colours compared to the previous one which are only black and white.

We have talked about modern houses for the previous three bathrooms. Now we get to the classic house where there is a water heater tank present on sight or hidden in a compartment.

Here is the fourth bathroom that we will be showing you:

As you can see, that there is a water heater but it does not have a water heater tank. Well do not be full with what you see. It is all about the aesthetics you see. People try to hide water heater tanks at plain sight to prevent their bathroom from looking like there is so much going on in there. As you can see the background design of the wall contrasts with the whole white wall tiles beside it. The shower then makes it pop out due to the black and silver combination. You might be wondering where would the water heater tank be? Let us show you.

Surprise! The water heater tank is hidden in the above compartment of the toilet. It is hiding in plain sight. Now a days, HDBs built a compartment for the water heater to be stored somewhere hidden to help make the bathroom seem bigger instead of smaller. These water heater tanks would cost more as you can see that they are big.

We have come to our last bathroom of the day. Here is an alternative bathroom compared to the first three bathrooms that you have seen.

As you can see here, there is a water heater tank that is just placed right beside of the sink. This water heater tank is small so it does not really disrupt the whole bathroom look. There are only two solid colours which is white and navy blue. With this colour combination, the water heater dank fits the whole look of the bathroom. The mirror is not a storage mirror compared to the first three bathrooms that we have shown. This bathroom looks a little classy for modern people now. The reason why the water heater tank is not inside in the shower place is because the shower place is smaller than it is supposed to be and adding on to that there will also be a water heater inside the shower place. Therefore, there would not be any place to fit this water heater tank in the shower place.

If you ever find yourself wondering about a water heater with pump and rain shower. There are plenty of websites you can visit to find the perfect water heater with pump and rain shower. The water heater price will differ depending on what type of water heater that you might be buying and also there are additional charges if you were to add a water heater tank if needed. Before buying any water heaters do some research on which water suits the best for you and all the best!