5 differences between a professional photographer and a freelancer?

When searching for the right photography services to complete a job, we are given two options. We can either choose to go with a professional photographer or a freelance photographer. In the photography world, being a professional photographer or a freelancer have several differences to your job description. A freelancer takes on jobs on a contract basis as opposed to being an employee for a company. For this reason, being a freelancer would most likely mean working from home and with your own set of equipment. A professional photographer working in a photograph agency on the other hand, would work in a Photo Studio in Singapore with equipment that has been invested in by the company.

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As a client or customer looking for photography services, there are several factors that you may want to consider. Here are 5 differences between engaging a professional photographer or a freelancer.

The first and biggest difference that separates a professional photographer from freelancers is that they are part of a company or agency. What this means is that they are working full-time and therefore most likely are putting in more hours to refine their skills and craft of the profession. There are high chances on the other hand, a freelancer is working part time or spending less hours in a day in the profession. This has no implications however, that professional photographers produce better work than freelancers but a company may have more structure in their skilled services than a freelancer without any company.

Most likely, a professional photographer who owns their own or works for a company will have their own photo studio in Singapore. This enables professional photographers to offer an additional service to clients that a freelancer may not be able to by working out of their home. A photo studio is usually equipped with professional equipment, studio lights, cameras, screens and backdrops. This gives clients more choices to find the perfect style of shots they are looking for and recreate scenes without having to go outdoors if they prefer. Typically, after a session of shooting, the post-event works will take some time for editing, touch-ups or adjustments to be made at home for freelancers or at an agency. Professional photographers having a studio to work with will also be able to touch-up photos faster or even on the spot. Besides all the advantages of having access to a photo studio, freelancers are usually more flexible in terms of adjusting their schedule to meet your needs and preferred location.

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Both professional photographers and freelancers should have a portfolio to show clients. This is an important document that illustrates their capabilities, style and experiences from past projects. Depending on the kind of job that you require photography services for, will you be looking for a photographer that has the experience carrying out that kind of job. Typically, freelancers will have a very specific area of work that they focus on. It could be wedding events, pre-wedding photoshoots, event photography, street photography etc. whereas a professional photographer will also specialise in a type of photography but in a finer scope with more editing and post-shoot work.

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The level of professionalism makes the difference between a professional photographer and freelancer in terms of customer service, branding and shooting procedure. This is not to say that the outcome of photos is one better than the other, or that you will have a better experience with one of the other. But maybe you will see a difference in the professionalism of after care service and deadlines. Professional photographers working from a company would have the time and extra resources to provide clients with follow up calls, emails on progress, customer satisfaction questionnaires that a freelancer may not have the time to do. 

It is a given that cost is a factor when deciding between a professional photographer or freelancer. With additional equipment and access to a professional photo studio in Singapore, professional photographers will usually charge at a higher hourly rate than freelancers. However, if you are going for a photoshoot that requires basic photography equipment and are not in a rush to get your photos developed a freelancer can do just as good of a job. If not better, with an extra touch of their own trait.

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