Warehousing 101

Have you ever had to cramp your working space or store because there were too many stocks sent to you? Well you do not have to worry about that in this day and age as you can put them in warehouses. There are warehousing services companies in Singapore that allow you to rent a unit to store your merchandise. There are plenty of warehousing services in Singapore that you can slowly look up and explore because that is not the main topic of the day. 

Today, we will be diving deep into the history of warehousing or warehouses, where it comes from, the different types of it and more. 

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To start off, a warehouse is a building used for storing goods. Warehouses are usually used by manufacturers, exporters, importers, businesses and more. They are mostly in industrial parks. So warehousing services is the process of storing goods before being sold or further distributed in a warehouse facility. 

A warehouse is defined as a building or place to store bulk goods. Over the years, the form of warehouses has changed in materials, technology and sites. Warehouses were mostly used as a mass storage for food in the past. Prehistoric civilians relied on these storages to protect their food. The need for warehouses grew in places where people traded with other people. It was highly evident in places like ancient Rome, and was called the Horrea Galbae. The whole complex covered about 225,000 square feet of land in Ostia. 

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In medieval Europe, the need for warehouses were used to hold goods that were too big to be stored in the normal storeroom. However, some merchants still kept their goods in their household storerooms. During the industrial revolution in the mid 18th century, the use of warehouses were then for mass production of goods. The warehouses were usually located close to transport hubs and ports. Other than storing goods, the warehouses also had people receiving goods, stockpiling them and displaying them for commercial buyers. 

Now, there are new power sources to help with warehouses, hydraulics and electricity. Hydraulic power networks were constructed in large industrial cities around the world. It is used to power cranes and lifts. Electricity was initially used for lighting and now it is used for a variety of reasons. For example, lighting, security, lifting and transporting. 

Warehouses are considered industrial buildings. So here are 3 types of warehouses and its importance:

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  • Retail Warehouses

This type of warehouses would usually hold goods such as clothes or furniture, typically anything you can find in office moving or retail stores . Warehouses in the present are very technologically oriented to help keep track of the stocks efficiently. 

There are many benefits to having a retail warehouse. Some of them are, safety and preservation, easy access for small traders, easy financing and ensuring continuous supply of goods. Some challenges would be tight profit margins, higher customer expectations and operations inefficiencies. 

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  • Cool Warehouses 

Cool warehouses are mostly used for agricultural products. Refrigerated storage helps eliminate the chances of products rotting and sprouting. It also eliminates the chance of insect damage. Cold storage helps to distribute the products on demand and on a timely basis. 

Mostly ammonia and freon are used to help maintain the temperature in this kind of warehouse. The temperature used in the warehouse usually depends on the storage time and products. The agricultural products are categorised into 3 groups, fruits and vegetables, meat and fish products, and things like beer, liquor or cigarettes. So the 3 groups will be put into separate places as the temperature to contain each individual product is different. 

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  • Packing Warehouses 

Packing warehouses helps with exporting of the goods. Its purpose is to pick, check, label and pack goods for shipment. Pick and pack warehousing is the process where the more efficient it is, the faster it will be shipped out for people. When the warehouse receives shipments, it is stored in the inventory system for tracking. 

There are many companies in Singapore offering warehousing services. It does not matter whether it is for small businesses or big businesses, contacting a company on their warehousing services does not cost a dime and can be super beneficial for you. This is because warehousing helps increase the value of your products. It provides services that make products available for the customers at convenient times. 

It is not hard to look for a moving services company in Singapore. Even though it is a small country, there are a variety of companies to choose from. For example, Multi-Trans and Trans Global. Warehousing services in Singapore or anywhere in the world includes receiving of goods, putting it away, storing them in the facility, packing and shipping of product to customers. So if you own a business, it is time to look up for companies and give them a call right now and learn more about how they can help you.