3 Best Medical Clinics In Orchard, Singapore

In the competitive world of 2023, one needs to be full of energy and confidence in order to succeed and accomplish goals. In order to feel more confident than others, one must have a healthy life first. Remember health is precious. If you struggle with daily health issues, you cannot concentrate on your work and development. Focus on your health first in order to take the first step towards the confidence.  A large number of medical clinics in orchard are available who deal with almost all diseases. If you’re having health problems and want to get treated, this article will help you to find the 3 best orchard medical clinicSingapore 2023. Examine the best medical clinic and their specialties listed below and select the one that best fits your schedule and financial constraints.

  1. Complete Healthcare International (CHI)

For more details visit https://www.chi-health.com.sg/

International Medical Clinic Singapore

Specialties:  The CHI international medical clinic located in orchard Singapore offers general treatment for your daily health issues like headache, cough, fever, pink eyes and insomnia etc., the medical clinic treats patients suffering from constant headaches everyday; the doctor will take detailed history on headache and examine you thoroughly.  They have a team of experienced doctors who treat your headache from understanding the root of the cause as there are many factors and lifestyle behavior that often is the cause of headaches & migraines.   Also treatments are also available for constant cough or persistent cough with phlegm which is now a common medical complaint. A chronic cough treatment needs medical attention to cure. The international medical clinic is also able to understand your  insomnia concerns and find the suitable cure for each individual. Fully equipped health screening laboratories, diagnostic facilities and well trained staff ensure the patients with immediate diagnosis and caring treatment. They also engaged with immunisation records Singapore, vaccinations and travel medicines.

2. Paragon Medical

For more details visit https://www.paragonmedical.com.sg/

Specialties:  Conveniently situated in the center of Orchard Road, this integrated healthcare facility features numerous departments, including cardiology, dentistry, dermatology, ENT (ear, nose, and throat), fertility centre, and hematology. It is also engaged with general surgery and general practitioners for out-patients. The goal of the healthcare network is to offer each patient expert medical care. The practitioners are well-known in their fields and work as healthcare partners with Singaporean families and businesses, offering high-quality patient care for procedures, immunisations, and any necessary travel or health screenings.

3. IMC Camden Medical Clinic

For more details visit https://www.imc-healthcare.com/

Specialties:  The IMC Camden Medical Clinic Orchard provides general practice, health screenings, women’s, men’s, and children’s healthcare. It also assists with travel medicine and kits, as well as vaccinations. With a group of doctors, nurses, and staff to ensure that patients receive best treatment and efficient care. Many of our Camden doctors have been with IMC for over ten years and have an in-depth medical understanding of the international community.

Consult well in advance

Before beginning a treatment, you can speak with your physicians or healthcare providers. Since determining the exact causes will make it easier for them to start the treatment. To diagnose the cause of health problems, they may ask a few questions to you.  For instance, the patient’s age, the length of time suffering from the disease, any prior treatments taken for it, and so on. You must honestly respond to all of their questions without hiding anything. 

You can also enquire about their years of expertise, the number of patients who have recovered well, the estimated number of days needed to complete the treatment, and other things. You can also verify their level of confidence in performing surgeries by looking through their testimonials.

You can say “Okay” if the discussion makes you feel satisfied and the treatment is within your means.

Examine Your Family History

Your family medical history is important. Ask your parents, grandparents, or siblings whether anyone has been impacted by the specific illness you have and what the cause & treatment is. It will support your diagnosis of your medical condition.

But you need not to worry because there is no medical theory that all sickness are 100% inherited from your ancestors. At times, it could be the result of any shortcomings. Health problems can also be caused by medication side effects, diet, stress, illness, or hormonal changes. However, you can investigate the reasons behind their actual impact and the remedies they have discovered.

What You Can Expect 

• A medical clinic that employs a staff of highly qualified and experienced professionals must offer a one-stop shop for all of your health-related concerns.
• They have to make sure that every safety and service precaution is taken.
• Treatment should be effective and at the same time does not burn a hole in your pockets.
• They should possess extensive expertise and positive patient feedback.
• Make sure you can resume your normal life following the treatment, just as you did prior to the illness.

What are Common Testing

• Blood test pre food and 2 hrs post food to check blood sugar level
• ECG or ECHO to check cardiac condition
• Viral fever tests if any symptoms signified. For example Typhoid, Malaria, Dengue, Jaundice or any other life taking types of viral fevers. 


Hope this article helps you to choose the best medical clinic in Orchard. Remember health is precious. Earlier diagnosis of every disease will help you to treat it easily. Once it is chronic, it will take a lot of time to cure and sometimes it may take your life. Visit the best clinic and get the best treatment on time. And finally thank you for reading this article!

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