What is the meaning of Designated Workplace Doctors (DWDs)?

According to the “Ministry of Manpower Singapore (MOM), workplace safety and health act”, all stakeholders are required to take precautionary measures for the safety and health of workers and those directly involved and affected by the work environment. Workplace safety and health management system (SHMS), require workplaces to have follow the features to ensure safety, audit and review the policies regularly with designated workplace doctor in short DWD in Singapore.

Designated Workplace Doctors in Singapore

Designated workplace doctors (DWD) are registered doctors under the Ministry of Manpower, who perform the regular checkup, health assessment and screening for the employees. There are a variety of designated workplace doctors in Singapore who provide corporate health check-up depending on the packages the corporation chooses. At acumed, we provide a variety of Health Screening packages which include blood, urine or stool tests along with the medical examination, visual activity tests, X-Ray and Ultrasound for early detection of diseases all performed by our professional DWD.

Corporate Health Check-Up in Singapore

There are many reasons why corporations should hire DWDs in order for early detection and prevention of serious conditions which are unable to be diagnosed without a proper health screening. Once your condition has been diagnosed, then your DWD is able to suggest treatments and follow up procedures accordingly. Therefore, it is always recommended to go for a health check-up by DWD in order to prevent serious conditions which you might regret later on.

There are many health screening packages available at acumed for you to choose from, depending on your preferences, which might last for 1-2 hours. Some of the health screenings require you to fast 10-12 hours before the check-up which your DWD will advise beforehand.

At acumed, we also have travel vaccination packages in case you will require traveling, and your DWD will also advise you necessary travel precautions depending on the region you are traveling due to some of the contagious diseases —  by doing so, you will be well prepared to face the challenges.

Designated workplace doctors are registered under the ministry of health and will have a valid registration card. They are well trained to understand what kind of health-related problems employees face, depending on their industries and hence are able to advise the employees depending on the industry requirements. For instance, for commercial, industrial, oil and gas and construction sectors involve heavy noise which affects not just hearing senses but also mental stability, therefore DWD is able to advise through corporate health check up that how should workers and employees, take care of their health and well being. Most of the companies require their employees to sit for long hours in offices to work on computers, which result in not just back, shoulder and neck pain but due to lack of movement, it raises the weight-related health issues, left untreated, these could cause severe obesity as well as emotional and psychological abnormalities.

DWD in Singapore

Another factor which is of increasing concern is that the readily available unhealthy food which is extremely hard to resist especially for those who are prone to genetic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Although these health issues have become very common nowadays but we should not take them lightly as they could be considered life threating if left untreated. In order to ensure we live a long healthy life to spend time in the playground with our grandchildren, do not forget to fix appointment for your trusted Acumed DWD Singapore, where your employees will be well-taken care of and therefore can focus on a better performance in the workplace rather than have to worry about falling sick or long term medical leave and expenses.