What Is The Appeal of Under Armour?

Alongside the big brand names like Nike, Adidas and other giants of the sportswear industry, Under Armour has been forging its own following and has garnered a lot of praise for its products quality. However, what really is the appeal of under armour? Aside from the high quality materials used and innovative engineering behind their products, the name Under Armour has been synonymous with celebrity endorsements ever since its creation. Throughout its history Under Armour has had many different athletes and celebrities endorsed by them to promote their products as their main marketing strategy but not only because the company hired them to do so, but also because these celebrities and athletes genuinely love Under Armour products and use them out of choice. Let’s find out who some of the biggest endorsers of Under Armour are.

Dwayne Johnson

Unarguably Dwayne Johnson has to be one of the biggest names to endorse the Under Armour name. Both a world renown wrestler in his WWE days and a superstar in the acting world, Dwayne Johnson is also well known for being a huge advocate for health and fitness and continues to motivate, empower and inspire people around the world through health and fitness through his online platforms. As such, when Under Armour partnered with Dwayne Johnson to not only endorse their products but to also help in the development of new product lines which includes footwear, accessories, backpacks and other products known as the Project Rock Collection.

Thanks to his huge following and well renown status as a person who pushes for health and fitness with his connections to the fitness world, the endorsement skyrocketed sales as many customers were able to connect with Dwayne and his message about health and fitness, leading this endorsement to become the most well known and profitable endorsements ever. 

Steph Curry

Hailed as one of the greatest basketball athletes of all time, Steph Curry is another big name which fiercely advocates for Under Armour and their products. Not only wearing their products during big games but also having his own line of footwear called the Curry shoe line. Originally signed with Nike, Curry joined Under Armour in 2013. As Curry became MVP and one of the most popular athletes in the world and became regarded as the biggest face of Under Armour as the sales of his line of footwear has been key in the overall success of the Company.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady, the quarterback for the Patriots, was endorsed in November 2010, while he was not as prominent as Dwayne Johnson or Steph Curry, Tom Brady was also the face of the company, advocating for their products and wearing them on high profile events. However, 

The uniqueness of this endorsement comes from the fact that Tom was given equity of the company as part of the deal and has stuck with the company through thick and thin, even buying stocks even when it had taken a huge dip, showing his fierce loyalty to Under Armour and his love for them.


While these might be some of the biggest names associated with Under Armour, there are also other world renowned athletes and celebrities who have been endorsed by Under Armour as well as many celebrities who have been known to wear Under Armour products in their everyday lives such as an Under Armour custom tee shirt.