What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Does it confuse you as to why dentists have different names? Isn’t a dentist just a dentist who cures people’s teeth? Think about dental designations such as Periodontist, Orthodontists, Prosthodontists. Confused? Read on.

Modern cosmetic dentistry in Singapore can help you if you are unhappy with your smile. This type of expert dental care focuses on making your mouth, teeth, gums, and general smile seem better. Teeth whitening, veneers, fillings, and implants are all common treatments.

Cosmetic dentistry is growing in popularity, with the industry’s overall value expected to reach $32 billion by 2026. Cosmetic treatment, while not necessary, might help you regain confidence in your smile.

Cosmetic dentists have a wide range of responsibilities that includes minor to major problems. It can be a minor problem such as small adjustments to major problems such as oral surgeries. 

The attractive smile that cosmetic dentistry produces removes the shame of unattractive teeth, boosting self-confidence in social and professional situations and improving your overall attitude.

Dentistry has advanced significantly beyond just removing or replacing decaying teeth to providing a wide range of cosmetic procedures with cutting-edge technology, the majority of which will also enhance your oral health.

You may visit a cosmetic dentist for a variety of reasons which includes the following few:

  • Tooth rotting 
  • Damages (cracks, fractures, and many more)
  • Crooked teeth
  • Teeth discoloration 
  • Missing teeth

Here are some of the most common procedures that Singaporeans go for.

  • Teeth Whitening
  • Dental Bonding
  • Dental Veneers
  • Dental Implants
  • Crowns
  • Consultation

Teeth whitening

I’m sure you have heard of teeth whitening, and almost everyone has tried it at least once in their life. Teeth whitening is used to remove stains caused by eating too much junk food, and medication might also cause your teeth to undergo this process. Smoking is a common cause because plaque and tar cause the teeth to appear black.

The greatest candidates for teeth whitening are those who have extrinsic tooth stains. These discolorations are caused by coffee, red wine, and other dark substances that stain your enamel. 

The enamel is the tooth’s thin outer layer. The toughest tissue in the human body is this strong shell. The crown of the tooth, which is visible outside of the gums, is covered in enamel. It is a barrier that protects the teeth from physical, chemical, and thermal harm.

A simple scale and polish from your dentist will often help to remove some of the discolorations. However, whitening can help you achieve a truly radiant smile by increasing your whiteness.

You will not be suitable for teeth whitening if you have gum disease or tooth decay. 

This cosmetic procedure costs between $400 to $1300 and above. If it was done in the clinic, the cost would be higher as compared to take-home whitening prescriptions. 

Dental bonding can be considered as a minor aesthetic dental procedure that includes repairing a chipped or fractured tooth or filling tiny gaps between teeth. Because it is more visually attractive than silver fillings, dental bonding is frequently utilized as a tooth-colored filler for minor cavities. 

It involves applying a tooth-colored substance to a tooth, shaping it, hardening it, and polishing it. Because the substance adheres to the tooth, it is called bonding. 

The substance is also known as the tooth enamel-like resin and it is applied to the damaged tooth. Through that, it will be solidified using Ultraviolet (UV) or laser light. Afterward, it will be molded, blended, and polished to match the other tooths.

Although dental bonding is difficult to remove, it is not intended to last a lifetime. How long, on the other hand, does dental bonding last? 

You should anticipate it to endure for around 5 to 6 years before it has to be re-polished or repaired. It may survive longer in certain cases, and it may need to be changed sooner than 5 years in others.

Direct bonding can cost anywhere from $100 to $500 per tooth, depending on what is required, such as the number of teeth to be bonded, the size of the region, and the difficulty of the problem.

The cost of dental bonding to fix gaps might be between $200 and $400. The cost of dental bonding for enamel loss can range from $300 to $600. The cost of chipped tooth bonding is comparable.

Dental veneers are thin, custom-made shells that cover the front teeth and are composed of dental porcelain or composite. These ultra-thin shells conceal obvious defects in the teeth’ size, color, shape, or length. With the help of a cementing substance, the thin veneer is secured to the tooth. Dental veneers are stain-resistant for up to 20 years to 30 years and fit in perfectly with the rest of the teeth.

Dental Veneers can range between $850 to $2500 in Singapore and the price is determined by the expertise of the cosmetic dentists and the materials used for the procedure. There are two main types of veneers.

  • Composite
  • Porcelain

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain-made veneers are one of the most popular cosmetic procedures and are the least damaging. The material, porcelain is the most durable and long-lasting amongst all the other veneers. Porcelain veneers are very safe to use, as they hardly cause harm to the gum tissues and around the teeth. This will bring out a natural-looking smile as the porcelain blends well with the teeth. 

Instant veneers 

Instant ones are inexpensive cosmetic teeth that cost between $20 and $50. By soaking them in hot water and pushing your teeth into the soft fitting material, you may mold them to your mouth. Instant veneers should not be used on a regular basis or as a long-term dental treatment.

Porcelain CompositeResin
$900 to $2600$200 to $1600$150 to $350

Dental Implants

Dental implants are dentures with titanium roots that are used to replace lost teeth (or dental crowns). During the procedure, titanium replacement tooth roots are placed into the missing tooth’s bone socket so that the jawbone heals around the titanium implant, locking it in place and maintaining the new tooth firmly in place.

A dental implant might cost anywhere from $1,200 to more than $15,000. An implant costs from $1,600 to $1,900 in a public hospital, but private clinics charge between $2,000 and $4,800. This amount is also affected by the complexity of the case. A non-complex implant costs between $3,500 and $6,000.


Firstly, the dentist will be filing down the top and sides of the tooth to create space for the crown to fit in is how dental crowns are placed. Following that, a substance such as a paste will be applied to your teeth to imprint them in preparation for the dental crown to be set on them. It will be sent to the lab for an imprint, and your crown will be installed at your next appointment. After the procedure, dental crowns do not require much maintenance, but you must maintain proper oral hygiene.

Installing a crown can be completed within a few appointments, the quickest would be within two, but you may need to reschedule with your surgeon on a regular basis. As a result, the total cost of each procedure will be affected. The drawback of a dental crown is that it will ultimately need to be replaced since crowns wear out over time and must be replaced in order to function. If you do not get it replaced, it may break or fall out as it ages, and a dental crown is more expensive than a dental implant.

This cosmetic procedure costs between $750 to $1400 per tooth in Singapore depending on which type of material you go for. The price may vary on a case-by-case basis. The material of dental crowns can be used from 

  • Metal
  • Porcelain 
  • All-resin
  • Ceramic


Booking an appointment with your dental facility is the first step. Your dental requirements will be evaluated at the consultation, and the number of appointments will be determined based on the number of teeth requires treatments. 

Unless multiple teeth are affected, the treatment is often completed in one to two visits. Unfortunately, Medisave for cosmetic dentistry in Singapore is unclaimable as it is not considered a surgical procedure.

Do you understand what cosmetic dentistry is now?

If you discover that your teeth are hurting or that their color is wrong, contact a dentist right away to get them fixed. However, if you are considering cosmetic dentistry, it is essential to choose a cosmetic dentist that specializes in the procedure you want to get more in-depth information from them.