What Are Services Provided By A Family Photo Studio In Singapore?

When you think of having a family photo shoot, most people start to wonder about family photo studios. There are many different companies in Singapore that provide photography shoots. These companies help many individuals and companies with their photos as they usually have a set up where their clients can come in to have a professional shoot done. This helps clients get everything they want and need at one location at a certain rate. These rates will be different among the available companies in Singapore depending one what they charge you for.

These professional photography services usually include many services such as:

  • Family and Kids Photography
  • Graduation Photography 
  • Couple Photography
  • NewBorn Photography
  • Corporate Photography
  • and many more.

Photography can be done indoors or outdoors and there is usually a noticeable difference in pricing when it comes to this as for indoors the family photography will be done in a studio with different backdrops available and these depend entirely on the company that you have chosen. Some photo studios in Singapore only come with a particular backdrop and they may charge you higher for having additional props and backdrops. 

One main item that will constantly be in anyone’s mind is how much will it cost? Well it all depends on the company and the needs and wants that you have in mind and whether the budget you have suits what you want to have. The general cost price in the market is around SGD$300 to SGD$800 depending on whether you are having an indoor or outdoor shoot. When it comes to professionals there are many variables to take into consideration when deciding a price. It is known that the higher you pay the higher the quality you will get, it is true however doing the proper research can also help you get what you want at a slightly lower rate. These photo shoots consist of backdrops, professional photographers, professional equipment and some studios provide you with hair and makeup artists to make sure that you look your best. There are also editors which are involved which in some cases you can request to not have them involved and also on how you want your photographs to be handed to you as there are many ways such as for it to be printed in a bigger sized to get it framed or for instance you may want it in a soft copy form. All these factors play a major role in how your photo will turn out at the end of the day.

Before being fully committed to a particular company here are some things we highly encourage you to take into consideration:

  • The type of style

It is good to know what you want your photos to look like after the photoshoot, however if you are comfortable and open with anything that is perfectly fine. We do encourage you to take a look at some profiles to have some ideas. Some outdoor photographers who are more experienced will know of locations which are suitable for particular types of shoots. If your photographer has yet to decide on a location it will be a good idea to propose your ideas on any locations that you know of that will suit better as at the end of the day you have to remember that you have to be happy with the outcome and it is your satisfaction that matters most. Take a look around and explore with the photographers available to see their style and find one that suits you or is able to capture what you want.

  • Planning out your budget

It is the most important thing to plan your budget to make sure you get what you want for the right price. Be comfortable with communicating and sharing your budget with photographers as this will help them to help you. Knowing your budget will help them let you know what the available options are and which option best suits what you want. Compare the rates that you get and see which best fits your budget, most professional photographers will be open to negotiation.

  • Bonus factors

Some things to take note of purchasing packages are that some of them include additional perks that some packages do not include. For example some photo studios in Singapore may offer you a family album or a framed family photograph including digital copies. Take a look at what is being offered and discuss which you would like to have, and if unsure do not hesitate to ask or clarify.

  • Comfort 

If you have children who are young it is important to find a photographer that has experience in handling children. As it is sometimes difficult for children to act naturally in front of a camera or a stranger. Hence having a photographer with experience in dealing with kids will make the family shoot go easier.

  • Enjoy yourself

Enjoying the process is important as the more your family enjoys the better the photos will turn out to be. Some professional photography services may include having your pictures on customised products such as photo calendars, mugs and many more items. A professional photographer will have the skill set to capture the different personalities of your family that makes your family unique. So remember to be happy and just be yourselves throughout the process and have an amazing time.

Photo shoots tend to be stressful as you will always be worried about how your photos will turnout. Being stressful will only disrupt you from being yourself. Do your research and find the right photographer that has all the attributes you are looking for and have complete trust and faith in your photographer. This will also give them the confidence in being able to do their best for you. Always remember that you are paying money for their service so ensure that you make the best of your money and time. Building good relationships with them will also benefit you in the long run. 
Hope this article has clarified any doubts you may have had about family photo studios in Singapore. And we hope this gives you a general idea of what to look for when making your decision.