What are refrigerated trucks for?

Heard of the name refrigerated truck and wondered what they are or what they are used for? Well refrigerated trucks are basically trucks that are built with something similar to having a fridge in your truck except that the entire truck is just a big fridge and the temperature can easily be controlled to certain temperatures depending on what the truck is transporting.

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These trucks can easily be purchased from commercial vehicle sales companies as there are many people that purchase the trucks but do not end up using it to its full potential. 

In this article we will share with you all about refrigerated trucks.

Well the most common item that is being transported by these trucks that is known to all is food. However these trucks basically transport any perishables or items that need to be stored in a cooler temperature.The main function of these trucks is to transport chilled food, seafood and vegetables. In addition, certain trucks have a truck refrigeration system where they can control the temperature using a function that has been installed. This is so that the temperature can be set to a specific level of coldness required for that particular item to ensure that it remains as fresh as possible.

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Another use is meant for delivering special drugs to ensure the efficacy of the drug. As some drugs are required to be stored at a cooler temperature to ensure efficacy, such as sedative drugs. They have a very strict set of requirements when it comes to storage temperature. These drugs require the use of a special cold chain truck to store and transport it around. The truck needs to be preceded by a rigorous disinfection process before arriving at the pickup spot for the drugs to be picked up before transporting it. If the route that is required to be taken happens to be a far route, they will need to ensure that they adjust the temperature properly to ensure the safe transport of the drugs.

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Delivery of frozen or chilled food and drinks heavily depend on these trucks as they have to always be in a chilled environment which includes storage and transportation. The greater the demand for these items the greater the demand for these trucks. The volume of items is always greater than the amount of trucks available, hence most companies prefer to get a large truck to be able to fit their entire load onto a single truck as this will make a lot of things easier, more efficient and save cost.

Many people tend to think that all these trucks have to do is transport temperature sensitive goods from one place to another. In actuality, as consumers whether in the form of business or individuals expect that when they order an item it is to arrive to them in a safe and intact condition. To meet this need and expectation of the consumer, specific food safety regulations and laws are in place to ensure that these trucks maintain the safety and integrity of the goods they transport. In short, it is not just about transporting goods from one location to another, it involves complying with the necessary laws and regulations.

As we now know what these trucks are and what they are used for, let’s get to how they really work.

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How Do Refrigerated Trucks Work?

The efficient transport of refrigerated and frozen goods is vital, however not many people know and understand how the trucks work or what the truck refrigeration systems are for. We are going to explain how the trucks are carefully and smartly designed in a way where it can regulate the temperature and prevent your goods from going bad.

  • Keeping the heat out

Most people generally think that the refrigerators work by actually generating cold air to keep their goods cool, however this is not actually the case as you are not able to create coldness from nothing. In truth, refrigerators function as self-contained units that are sealed from the outside heat and use constant, cyclical processes to keep the temperature inside the truck constantly regulated.

Refrigerated trucks with cargo compartments are usually sealed to prevent any heat from entering and a refrigeration system is used to prevent the temperature inside from dropping even when the doors are opened. The cargo compartment is actually sealed and insulated against any heat and a sort of polymer form, this allows the temperature to stay fairly constant even before the use of a refrigeration system. If the system isn’t running properly, it will still take a while before the temperature inside the cargo compartment begins to drop to a problematic level.

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  • The refrigeration process

There are three different types of mechanisms that work together in order to keep the cargo compartments refrigerated. The condenser, the compressor and the evaporator. The condenser is basically a large section of metal piping that has been done to absorb all the heat inside the cargo compartment, the piping is filled with the necessary technologically advanced cooling fluid that turns to gas once it absorbs enough heat. At this point the gas is then taken into the compressor, where the gas is significantly compressed and has all its molecules crushed together to reach a state of matter which is similar to the contents that is made up in a can of deodorant.

Once it is held in a high pressure state, the gas is then transferred to the evaporator. This mechanism uses air from the outside and forces it through the gas that has been compressed which then cools the gas down enough for it to return to its previous state while releasing heat energy back outside. Once this has happened, the gas will then return to the condenser and the cycle will then restart and continue as a cycle once again.

Having this constant process serves as an effective tool to continuously cool down the cargo compartment and works in conjunction with temperature regulation mechanisms that have been placed to keep the area at the desired temperature. This is just an extremely basic analysis of what is actually happening which is quite complex with the functions that are available. This is just an essence of what is actually happening when it comes to keeping the cargo compartment cool.

DANSO refrigerated trucks have been designed by the Koreans and Japanese to withstand the warm and humid conditions that Singapore has. Their services also include commercial vehicle sales as they are a specialist when it comes to refrigerated trucks. With their systematic experienced sales team they are able to provide their clients with the best solution that will suit their needs that is related to transportation refrigeration.

We hope this article has helped you to clear any doubts that you may have had about refrigerated trucks.

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