Top 5 Tankless Water Heater Brands in Malaysia

Do you require a new water heater? Maybe your tank water heater has broken down and you need to replace it, or maybe you want to upgrade to a more efficient water heater, or maybe you are still deciding which tankless water heater brands are right for you.

No worries. Do not be concerned because we’ve got your back! If you are contemplating installing a tankless water heater for any reason, keep reading to learn more about the various water heater brands available in Malaysia.


Known for its electrical products, Panasonic was founded in 1918, Osaka, Japan and was formerly known as Matsushita Electric Industrial Company Ltd. The company’s founder, Matsushita Konosuke manufactured and commercialised his electric lamp sockets and plugs and since then, their range of products began to expand into other electrical areas.

In 1955, Panasonic was first used as a brand name for audio speakers. It’s a combination of the phrases “Pan” and “Sonic” sound, and it refers to their company’s mission of “bringing sound to the world.” Since 2008, it has served as the Company’s corporate brand for all of its products and services. Panasonic is dedicated to making the world a better place by contributing to the progress of society and the pleasure of people all around the world.

Panasonic’s tankless rapid water heaters provide hot water as soon as you step into the shower. Customers’ safety is important to them, thus extra safety measures on their electric heater components are built in Japan to protect customers while boosting cleaning enjoyment.

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Rheem, an American corporation with almost a century of experience, has been a pioneer in producing some of the most cutting-edge water heating technologies.

Rheem began as a provider of packaging to the petroleum industry in 1925 and has since grown to become one of the major makers of water heaters. The company continues to provide increased comfort, savings, and experiences to its consumers through a long line of award-winning solutions.

Thanks to its 50-year local headquarters in Singapore and regionally located production, Rheem can deliver region-specific designed products faster. They provide a diverse range of products to fulfil virtually every water heating need in ASEAN. The fact that over 1,000,000 water heaters have been built across ASEAN is confirmation of this.

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JOVEN Electric Co Sdn.Bhd. was founded on October 12, 1983, as the brainchild of our founder, Mr. James Y.G. Tan. The concept was born out of a desire to make more economical water heaters so that we wouldn’t have to rely on more expensive foreign water heaters. JOVEN was the first Malaysian manufacturer of electric water heaters.

JOVEN began manufacturing its first water heater in 1983 from its facility in Klang, Malaysia and has since grown to a manufacturing complex of 118,000 square feet, exporting to 11 countries and employing around 120 people.

JOVEN believes in safety and dependability in all of its goods, which is at the heart of its innovation. With the launch of home appliance goods ranging from Instant Water Heaters, Storage Water Heaters, Multipoint Water Heaters, Water Purifiers, Centralised Automatic Domestic Water Pumps, and DC ceiling fans, Joven delivers innovation into the house.

In 2013, an IPSOS study named JOVEN the No. 1 Malaysian Brand in the Water Heater category. JOVEN will continue to drive to the forefront and flourish in its export markets to attain recognition as a truly global brand, as it celebrates 35 years of product and brand excellence.

Their water heaters include a built-in safety thermostat/thermal cut-out to prevent scalding, overheating, and, most importantly, fires. An auto flow sensor switch protects the heating element while also lowering energy usage. Joven features what they call stepless electronic power control, which is a gimmicky marketing phrase for temperature control.
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Rinnai is a Japanese company that began operations in Malaysia in 1973. They were found on 1 September 1920, Nagoya, Aichi in Japan. It is one of the few brands in Malaysia that sells gas water heaters. It had already established itself as a reliable producer of gas appliances, such as energy-efficient tankless water heaters, home heating appliances, kitchen appliances, gas clothes dryers, and commercial-use equipment such as rice cookers, grillers, fryers, and salamanders, by the late 1920s. Rinnai is the largest gas kitchen appliance producer in Japan.

In the indoor gas tankless water heater sector, Rinnai is a well-known brand. They make top-of-the-line propane and gas-powered tankless instant hot water heaters for household and commercial use.

Their products are designed to be stylish and small, with a water heater that is comparable to RUBINE’s but with a variety of venting options. If you need a good gas or propane tankless water heaterfor your home or business, the Rinnai series is the way to go.

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RUBINE was created by a group of young professionals in Italy in the year 2000 and was granted a Trade Mark in the following year. Over the last 20 years, RUBINE has established itself as one of the top home appliance and fittings companies, offering a diverse selection of goods that combine cutting-edge technology with inventive designs.

RUBINE is a leading multi-award-winning brand that is popular countrywide, and it is widely regarded as one of Malaysia’s fastest-growing brands. Their faith in new technology, along with our never-ending innovation, has allowed them to dominate the industry. RUBINE’s water heaters are all small and compact with a price range of $180 and above.
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