Top 4 Dental Clinics in West Coast

Adults should see the dentist once a year if they have a low risk of tooth decay, or more regularly (twice a year) if they have a higher risk of tooth decay, according to health experts. On the other hand, some people may recall going to the dentist as early as primary school.

The West of Singapore will be covered in this article where we will be sharing about dentists near West Coast. If you live in Clementi or the surrounding area and are searching for a dentist around Clementi, here are four to consider! The majority of these dentists on the West Coast are easily accessible too.

  • West Coast Dental
  • Ginza Dental Surgery
  • Greenlife Dental
  • Ocean Dental

West Coast Dental

In 2009, West Coast Dental Clinic established its primary location in West Coast Plaza. They have grown since then and now have a site in Marina Square. Rest assured that all of their clinics are outfitted with cutting-edge technology to provide our patients with the best one-stop holistic dental services available.

West Coast Dental Clinic

West Coast Dental has a collection of dedicated professionals that value and treat every one of their patients with the respect they deserve. They strive for excellence in service delivery while providing a pleasant experience for their patients.

Their dental surgeons have many years of experience. West Coast Dental professionals believe that every patient should be handled as if they were a family member. We can see they are committed to developing and maintaining long-term connections with their clientele.

If you visit West Coast Dental, you can anticipate a pleasant experience in their dental clinic owing to the ability and experience of their physicians. They can assist patients to reach their specific goals by offering a wide choice of dental procedures and solutions.

At West Coast Clinic, they offer a wide range of services that might just cater to what you need. Just like every other dental clinic, they have checkups for you where they conduct a full oral examination.

Scaling and PolishingFillings
Digital radiographsVeneers
Root Canal TreatmentCrown and Bridge
ExtractionsWisdom Tooth Removal
DenturesTeeth Whitening
Invisalign (clear aligner therapy)Child Dental Care

Ginza Dental

Ginza Dental was established on 1 October 1993 by Dr. Tan Boon Eng. This dental clinic near West Coast is located near Clementi at Block 612 Clementi West Street 1 #01-302 on 16th March 2016. Initially, they were situated at Ginza Plaza, Clementi before moving to their current location.

Ginza Dental Surgery

Specifically located near Clementi/West Coast area, patients can easily take buses from the AYE to visit the dental clinic. Their goal for moving locations was for the convenience of their patients who were located near West Coast heartlands.

At Ginza Dental, you need not fear if you require complex dental treatments as they specialize in challenging dental procedures such as Endodontics. Their fees for short consultations range from $30 to $50 while longer consultations will be priced at $65 and above.

These are some of the dental services offered at Ginza Dental:

OrthodonticsRestorative Dentistry
Scaling and PolishingTooth Fillings

Ginza Dental offers consultations if patients require further checkups. They operate four days a week except for Sundays and Public Holidays.

Not to worry as at Ginza, Dr. Tan Boon Eng will provide a guide regarding the cost of your procedure so rest assured that you will be getting a full rundown from a professional.

Clementi dr. Tan Boon Eng

Greenlife dental

Greenlife Dental Clinic has a pool of dependable and talented dental surgeons, but they also have dentists with a love for serving sweetly, tenderly, and selflessly. The dental firm, which has a 24-year history, takes pleasure in this concept and has established itself as a heartland dentist that Singaporeans can trust.

  • Greenlife Dental Clinic has eight sites around the island, so you will never be far from one.

You may rely on the dentists here for a wide range of dental services, from basic cleanings to surgical operations, all at reasonable costs. Their dentists are always updating their abilities to deliver the most up-to-date, effective, and pleasant services to all patients, in addition to employing the newest technologies to provide superior treatments. They also participate in a variety of local and international outreach programs that serve and educate the needy.

Greenlife Dental Clinic Clementi

Greenlife Dental Clinic considers itself to be more than a dental practice. They are committed to making a difference in the lives of their patients as well as society at large.

They envisage themselves as a social enterprise that provides much-needed dental care to the underserved in their community, both locally and internationally. They want to give dental care to those who are unable to get to their clinics because of social, economic, or geographic limitations.

Main Services
Wisdom ToothDental Implants
Other Services
Crooked teethMissing teeth
Wisdom ToothChipped Tooth
Stained TeethDiscolored Fillings
Bleeding GumToothache
Bad BreathChildren Services

Ocean Dental

Ocean Dental, a Clementi dental practice that opened in 2017, is situated on Clementi West Street 2 across from West Coast Plaza and the West Coast Community Centre.

West Coast Ocean Dental

They are easy to come by! NUS, One-north, Science Park, Buona Vista, and Jurong East are all within walking distance of the Clementi MRT station, which is only three bus stops away. To improve their services, even more, they feel that a confident grin begins with a great set of teeth and that getting such teeth should be simple.

Ocean Dental clinic categorizes its services into different segments. From preventive to restorative and even surgical.

Dental X-RayDental Crown
Dentistry For KidsRoot Canal Treatment
Scaling and PolishingTooth Filling
Wisdom Tooth ExtractionTeeth Whitening
Tooth ImplantBraces

Ocean Dental is fully equipped with modern digital solutions such as panoramic and lateral cephalogram x-rays, 3D Cone-Beam Computed Tomography scan, intra-oral camera, and intra-oral x-ray in each treatment room to provide you with a one-stop dental service.

They hope that these expenditures will increase the quality of their services, as well as the efficacy of therapy, from treatment planning through post-treatment evaluation.

If you request extra assistance or specialized treatments, Ocean Dental has got your back from excellent service to advanced technology and even having visiting specialists to help you heal from your procedures.

This dentist at West Coast caters to your every need so do drop by if you ever require their services.

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