Tips & Tricks For Your Watch To Not Smell

Watches are one of the accessories supporting the appearance. For those who are accustomed to use it, the watch itself is a lifestyle that has positive benefits for its users. The more often a person wears the watch, the higher the degree of consciousness will be. Every user of the watch must have one (or maybe the only) Watch collection that is most likely to be liked, making it more common with the watch. When it is frequently used, sometimes users often forget to keep the watch clean and eventually cause unpleasant odor.

Then how to remove the smell on the watch? Does the treatment remain the same despite its different ingredients? Quiet guys, from the site Cortina watch already summarizes some tips for you who are confused to remove the smell:

Stainless Steel Watches & Ceramic
If you’re a user of iron/Stainless Steel and Ceramic watches you can brush them with a soft toothbrush. Rub slowly, prioritizing in the sidelines of the hour because usually the remnants of sweat gathered there. Once clean, immediately rub with a soft cloth (preferably micro fiber) and dry. You don’t need to be afraid of rust if you use your original watch rolex malaysia.

Rubber Watches
To clean the dirt on the watch made by you simply do the same with the material iron/Stainless Steel above. Just do it with a little stronger because this rubber material is more easy to sticky.

Canvas Watches/Fabrics
The fabric used in the watch is different from the fabric used by the garment. So do not try using detergent especially bleach clothes because it is not good for cloth fibers such watches. Use a small amount of soap, then rub it until the dirt and smell disappear. After that dry using newsprint (faster to soak water and leave no smell) then assisted with a blow dryer or a fan while for a quick drying process.

Leather Watches
Leather watches are indeed a slightly more fussy material than other materials, therefore the treatment needs to be more frequent and reps compared to other watches. As a suggestion, do regular maintenance once a week by applying a body lotion to treat the ingredients of the skin. But if already dirty, please clean using a half-wet cloth then immediately in the clean.

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So some powerful tips from Cortina Watch to remove the smell on your beloved wristwatch. But the most important tip is that the machine should not be exposed to water, so that your watch remains awake. At rolex malaysia price in here.

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