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For the concluding piece of the Work Wise series, I wanted to focus on grooming. While wardrobe plays an important role in appearance, it’s often personal grooming that makes the biggest impression. But there’s no Grooming Guide 101.

I’m told that in the corporate world, the top personal grooming issues that often get attention are hair, dental hygiene and fragrance. It’s only over the years, and with experience, that I have come close to understanding what works for me.

personal grooming

I usually cut my hair every two-four weeks. One way to keep it looking fresher between cuts is to use a trimmer to keep the sideburns from getting too thick or bushy. Sometimes I do it myself, or, if I’m shooting, my hairstylist takes care of it. I’m not a fan of styling products and tools for every day. I use a hair dryer in the cold weather. My stylist introduced me to the Dyson hair dryer, which I love. Generally, the only time I will use some styling product is when I’m shooting or going to an event. I think grey hair looks great. But if my work demands it, I’m fine with covering it up. Facial hair (including ear and nose hair) also needs monitoring. I keep everything neatly trimmed, including my nails.

My brother introduced me to the manicurist at our club’s barbershop. I now try and visit him about once or twice a month to get my fingernails and toenails cleaned up and trimmed. If I’m travelling, I pack a small travel manicure kit in my toiletry case. Overgrown, dirty nails are an eyesore!

My skincare regimen is basic yet effective. I wash my face with a face wash three-four times a day. My current favorites are Kiehl’s and Kama Ayurveda, and I’ve recently been introduced to the Glam Glow range. I use a moisturizing cream at night. I’m not averse to the idea of doing a bit of repair and refining at the end of the day and you will find a face scrub and toner in my bathroom cabinet.

Since I like being outdoors, I use a sunscreen whenever I’m hanging by the pool or on the beach. I think sheet masks can be relaxing if you have the time and those black peel-off masks are great for removing blackheads and making your skin feel extra clean. I love a good shave and the tingly Kiehl’s White Eagle shaving cream has been a go-to for years. I’ve always been prone to acne breakouts, and, over the years, I’ve found cutting down or eliminating sugar intake really helps keep the problem under control.

Dental hygiene:
Investing in a good toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss is important for a bright and welcoming smile. Maintaining fresh breath through the day is something that one needs to take care of, especially after meals and before meetings.


Smell good:
I must admit I’m sensitive to smells. So it took me some time and patience to find my fragrance. I’m currently using an essential oil from Kiehl’s. I sparingly using a cologne. My go-to cologne spray is Jo Malone. It’s important to smell good but over-scenting can be just as offensive as body odour


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