The 4 Best Luxury Bath Towels


For an easy self-care moment each day, upgrade your bathroom with the best luxury bath towels; they’re soft and plush enough to make showers and baths feel phenomenal. For the ultimate indulgence, go for cotton, but a cotton blend can be more quick to dry than 100% cotton. Along with material, factor in towel density and size to truly achieve a luxurious bath towel.

Known for excellent absorbency and a plush feel, 100% cotton is a great choice, but for a thicker, more luxurious cotton that’s popular in hotels and spas, go for Turkish or Egyptian cotton. These long, dense fibers that get softer, fluffier, and more absorbent after washing make it worth the investment. Just know that thicker, more absorbent towels with a plusher feel tend to take longer to dry, sometimes leading to stinky towels and more frequent washing. For a thick and luxurious, yet quick-drying towel, try a bamboo-cotton hybrid which also has antimicrobial qualities.

When shopping online for towels, knowing the density, or grams per square meter (GSM) will help you choose. For thinner towels that are relatively fast drying yet still absorbent, go for 400 to 620 GSM, or medium-weight. However, if you’re looking for thick, spa-like towels, focus on 620 to 900 GSM.

Towel size can be another luxury factor to consider so you can envelop yourself fully in your soft, fluffy towel. The standard towel size is usually 27 inches wide and 52 to 58 inches long, but one of my picks is as long as 63 inches, but many are even wider than the standard 27 inches.

To upgrade your bathroom experience with the best luxury bath towels, keep scrolling.

1. The Best Overall 100% Cotton Luxury Bath Towel

For a towel that feels like a cloud, get this oversized 100% Egyptian cotton bath towel with 1,000 GSM for supreme softness. This pick, by far the largest on this listat 31 inches by 63 inches, is highly rated a 4.6-star rating after more than 150 reviews, and its tightly woven loops with long-staple cotton make it as strong and durable as it is soft.

Its embroidered edges are sturdy and elegant and would fit in perfectly at a hotel or spa. This towel is also free of chemicals, pesticides, dyes, and fabric softeners. Plus, reviewers confirm this towel gets even fluffier after washing. One shopper said, “Honestly the person who said they expected 4 or 5 towels, not just 1 and was not sorry for receiving just 1 sold me on these.”

  • Size: 31 inches by 63 inches

2. The Best Quick-Drying Luxury Bath Towel

For quick drying towels that avoid the stink of long wet towels, you’ll want this luxury bath towel made of viscose from bamboo and Turkish combed cotton. Reviewers love that this towel doesn’t develop that mildew smell thanks to how quick drying the bamboo makes it. With 600 GSM, it’s still soft and plush, with just the right thickness. And it comes in nine different colors to match or change up your bathroom decor, including white, blush, and soft shades of blue and green.

  • Size: 30 by 56 inches

3. The Best Organic Bath Towel Pair

This pair of 100% organic Turkish cotton towels bears Global Organic Textile Standard certification for being nontoxic and chemical-free. With 700 GSM, these towels are plush, and you can choose a set in white, plum, or dark gray. Plus, reviewers love how big, thick, and soft these towels are.

  • Size: 30 by 56 inches

4. The Best Deal On A Set Of Luxury Bath Towels

You don’t have to spend a ton to buy luxury bath towels, and this set of 100% Turkish cotton towels has a 4.3-star rating on Amazon with more than 2,000 reviews. These soft towels with 700 GSM are made with a high-density design for quick absorption, and they’re available in six colors, including white, gray, and navy. With four towels included, you can outfit your bathroomjust like your favorite spa without spending a fortune.

  • Size: 27 by 54 inches

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