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“My Son’s Classmate Is Covid-19 Positive!”

A familiar number buzzed on my handphone screen. I picked it up thinking my son, Issac, had forgotten to submit some of his homework. Instead of a familiar voice, it was someone sounding very official, “Hello Madam Lee, I am the School Administrative Manager, I would like to check in with you and your son Isaac. How has Isaac been …

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Top 10 Bedlinen Companies in Singapore

Having the best bedsheets in Singapore will go a long way toward ensuring a restful night’s sleep. Fortunately, we’ve already discovered some of the best bedsheets in Singapore from a bed linen supplier/bedlinen supplier, which are suitable for all types of rooms, from master bedrooms to single bedrooms. Since there are so many bed sheets available on the island, finding …

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Most Comfortable Bedding for Your Family

However good your mattress is, sleeping on it will not be as comfortable without a high-quality bed sheet. Bed sheets are in contact with your skin throughout the night, hence the importance of having the appropriate material for a restful sleep. With an extensive variety of bedsheets in the market, and varying materials such as Egyptian cotton, Tencel (we personally …

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