Role for Employers & For Job Seekers Recruitment Agencies Singapore

As the title suggests, here in this article you will read about the two main roles played by recruitment agencies Singapore. We can say that recruitment companies serve as ‘ placement consulting ‘ and ‘ job search platforms ‘.

Where the first role of discussing a service is given to employers or companies, the second role detailing about the services offered to job seekers-the more fresh and experienced. In fact, the most advanced recruitment agencies have brought this HR recruitment agencies platform to a more dignified level. They offer resume writing services and special courses for job seekers, and also serve employers with a robust screening process to occupy the best talent for them. All job seekers accept the most suitable jobs according to their skills and the company gets the best employees to increase their growth just because the hiring agency is putting the best in their field.

To move forward in the right direction to know the role played by the recruitment agency, we have separated the role in two parts, each one described in detail below.

The role of recruitment agency for entrepreneurs

The recruitment agency, also known as personnel agency, is an outside company that finds suitable candidates for vacant positions in employers ‘ companies. Some people consider recruitment companies to be labor agents, but they need to be understood that they are different. Here’s how!

If a candidate gets a job through any recruitment agency, he becomes an employee of the employer.

If a candidate gets a job through a employment agency, he or she will be referred to as an employee of the employment agent.

Here’s the main difference. So here’s how the hiring agency can help employers.

Acquisition Talent Pool

Gaining talent for companies involves huge time investments. From searching the internet to reading apps to checking references and then asking for follow-up, this can be a slightly stressful task for any company that doesn’t have a dedicated HR team. Even companies with dedicated HR teams find it difficult to get the right candidates for vacant positions. This is where the hiring agent role can be understood. Because this HR company is solely made to solve this work systematically, then they serve the purpose of the placement well.

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Administration Process Filtering

Recruitment companies manage the filtering process in the best way to recruit the best talent for clients. Screening is one of the most laborious tasks involved in the recruitment process that may involve two to five rounds depending on the vacant position and the company. This is the process by which the best qualified candidate is elected and then rented.

Timely placement

Placing a blank post on time is crucial as the company may suffer substantial losses due to the responsibilities associated with a particular post. This is where experience and contact recruitment agencies are useful.

Recruitment agent role for job seekers

Recruitment companies help job seekers in finding suitable positions according to their skills and education. Because good recruitment agencies have ties and relationships with many international companies and local companies as well, they are the first to know about vacant positions. This can therefore be beneficial for job seekers. The following is a brief description of the roles played by recruitment agencies and the benefits to job seekers.

When the job seeker has uploaded a profile on their website

The recruitment agent will call the desired candidate by itself if the job seeker has uploaded or submitted his or her profile on the recruiter’s website. Recruitment agencies usually provide free services to candidates, so job seekers can be assured of the part that he/she will be notified by the company if they accept an empty role appropriate to the applicant’s qualifications.

Direct contact

In case of urgent needs, job seekers always have the option to directly contact a recruitment agency and apply for a specific job that has been invited. They’ll forward your resume if they find you qualify for the job’s profile.

Reliability factors

Recruitment agencies have an extensive network and access to thousands of jobs, which are not accessible to any job seeker. Since they have worked in partnership with the company for several years, they are the first to hear about any vacant position. This is something a job seeker should consider before moving directly to the company. By simply entering the name of the relevant recruitment company in the Resume reference section, job seekers can benefit from the reliability factor.

Give feedback

Recruitment companies provide proper feedback to job seekers whether or not they have been elected for a position. If asked they would never hesitate to give a reason for that, the next can help job seekers in raising their cadre.

To know more about how the recruitment agencies services are working