Reasons to See an ENT Specialist

What makes an ENT Specialist so unique? Do you have any problems with your ear, nose, and throat?

Who are ENT specialists?

The unique part of an ENT specialist is that they cure anything from your neck upwards all the way to your ears. Specifically, they do anything related to your ear, throat, and neck except your brain and eyeballs. So, where if it is a skin condition or something is stuck in your mouth, these specialists manage them medically and surgically.

How to Become an ENT Specialist

Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) specialists have undergone specialized training in detecting and treating illnesses of the relevant body parts.

Otorhinolaryngologist or Otolaryngologist is another term for an ENT specialist Singapore. Oto refers to the ear, and ear specialists address both internal and external issues. The nose, including the sinuses, is referred to as the rhino which nose specialists help in, and the larynx is referred to as laryngology, or simply put, your throat, which contains the vocal cords where throat specialists specialize in. Altogether, ENT doctors handle a wide spectrum of illnesses and are not restricted to one region of the head and neck.

They typically treat general or primary medical issues that can range from surgically as well. Here are some examples of what they treat:

  • Allergies
  • Sinus Pain
  • Snoring Sleep Apnea
  • Dizziness
  • Hearing Loss
  • Nose Bleed
  • Ear Ache
  • Chronic Sinusitis
Otoscope Singapore

ENT doctor specializes in the treatment of diseases related to your ear, nose, and throat. If you have issues related to the ear or you are suffering from sinusitis or continuous nose bleeding, and whether you have a hoarse voice that has been present for a period of time, an ENT doctor can surely help you with those problems. Therefore, do lookout for any symptoms or problems related to ENT.

Endoscope Camera Head
When should you consult an ear specialist?When should you consult a nose specialist?When should you consult a throat specialist?
Hearing loss
Wax buildup
Fluid in the middle ear
Adults and children with recurring ear infections
Nasal valve failure
Sinus symptoms
Runny Nose  
Neck Mass
Thyroid problems
Microscope Singapore

Their medical tools and instruments are just as special and they can include many different types. The most frequent tools used to check on a patient are an otoscope to look into the patient’s ears and noses where a speculum is inserted for better vision.

A microscope to get a more detailed look into the ears, and a nasal endoscopic camera that is implanted and goes up to the nose to get a closer look at the nasal cavity. It is a rigid rod that sends fiber-optic light up to the port to look for polyps and cysts.

So, why exactly do you need to see an ENT specialist?

If you have long-term throat, ear, or sinus problems then it is a big sign to visit one as soon as possible especially for children.

Ear problems such as infections are common amongst children and they should be treated early otherwise, hearing problems may occur. Upon visiting an ENT specialist in Singapore, they will typically treat ear infections with antibiotics otherwise surgery if it gets worse.

What is the Difference between Otolaryngologist and ENT

What is tonsillitis?

Tonsillitis happens at the back of your throat and it is an infection of the tonsils. They are white in color and look like small rocks forming against your gum or throat. If it is left untreated, your tonsils may be removed. Once again, if the condition is discovered at an early stage, antibiotics will be used to cure tonsillitis.

What is Tonsillitis

Hearing problems

Sudden hearing problems are serious signs to take note of especially if you are still young. It is definitely normal as you age as we start to degenerate within the inner ear. Some ways to prevent hearing loss Singapore would be

  • Avoiding loud noises
  • Wearing earplugs too often especially if the volume is set high.


Sinuses are one of the most common problems that ENT specialists encounter that has something to do with your air pockets where fluid builds up over time and if it lasts for more than 3 months, it is a sign to visit an ENT doctor as sinuses can be considered as infections that are usually caused by a virus as germs and bacteria may continuously build up.


Snoring can be found common in adults and teens but most definitely not in children. It is not normal if you are considered a heavy snorer. If your child is a heavy snorer, no worries as it can be solved by ENT specialists. They will first examine their airways to look for obstructions. The doctors will usually find out more by testing the volume and frequency of your snores to better diagnose. Snoring is associated with sleep apnea which can increase the chances of obesity, hypertension, and cardiovascular problems.

Snoring, When to See the ENT

What do I need to know before my first ENT appointment?

ENT doctors have the same training as other clinic appointments where you may receive medical and surgical care. As is typical protocol, you will be needed to fill out a patient registration form, which will also be applicable if you have a referral letter.

What Do I Need to Know before My First ENT Appointment

To truly grasp your background, an ENT specialist will first obtain a detailed history by asking you questions such as the symptoms you are experiencing. Depending on your situation, they may administer several tests to properly assess your position.

Professional ENT specialists will surely conduct a full examination starting with your neck using an otoscope. They will do a full run check even if you are not having any problems in those areas.

They will inspect the whole nose using a small speculum to expand your nostrils. Your throat will then be examined thoroughly, including the tongue, tonsils to check for tonsillitis, and the back of your throat. The ENT expert will then feel your neck for any significant lift nodes, abnormal growth, or tumors.

Do You have a Better Understanding of the Symptoms

So, do you have a better understanding of the symptoms and what an ENT specialist is now?

There are many ENT specialists in Singapore with more than 15 different clinics to go to. It all comes down to whether you wish to visit a public or private clinic. Overall, ENT doctors will walk you through each phase of the process and explain what to expect in the future. Visiting an ENT specialist may be unsettling during examinations or for the first time.

Looking for an ENT specialist in Singapore is rather common among everyone especially for children as if you have realized, many of us tend to visit clinics and doctors due to sore throat and runny nose.