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What is a Spinning Class and How can I benefit from it?

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Spinning® is an indoor stationary bike technology, innovated by two famous cyclists and entrepreneurs John Baudhuin and Johnny Goldberg, while working out of a garage in Santa Monica in 1991. Ever since, the indoor cycling has been evolved into the Spinning® program by Certified Spinning® Instructors who provide a variety of indoor cycling classes around the world. Spinning classes have …

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What is SAT and how do we prepare for it?

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SAT stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test, which was renamed in 1993 as SAT Reasoning Test or SAT I. SAT is a Subject-based test for standardized college admission exams on selective subjects. SAT is the only recognized college admission test which is accepted by every college in the US and more than 600 international educational institutions where you are able to …

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What does a Head and Neck specialist do exactly?

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Head and neck are the vital part of our body which protect our senses provided by our eyes, nose, ears, mouth and throat. There are many conditions related to head and neck which, if left untreated could cause serious damage to our sense organs, therefore, it must not be taken lightly. There are many well-known experienced head and neck specialist …

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