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The Top Personal Grooming

Lionel Lim

For the concluding piece of the Work Wise series, I wanted to focus on grooming. While wardrobe plays an important role in appearance, it’s often personal grooming that makes the biggest impression. But there’s no Grooming Guide 101. I’m told that in the corporate world, the top personal grooming issues that often get attention are hair, dental hygiene and fragrance. …

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Potential Pilates

Moving body Group

The mindful characteristics of Pilates make it an ideal way to remain calm, peaceful and in control as the day light decreases and we head into these busy winter months. Pilates can be a successful tool for the self management of stress. Principles that are remarkably similar to today proven methods of managing stress. 1. Relaxation • Focusing on only …

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Companies will be very assisted by the presence of corporate events in Singapore

event company singapore wedding

Your event will run smoothly and successfully with the Event Organizer in Singapore as the time grows, the business world in Indonesia is also progressing rapidly. Nowadays, there are many companies that trust and cooperate with Event Organizer to design events that are quality and professional. TEMBUSU Events is an Activity specialist event company qualified present as an alternative when …

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