“Ouch! My Back Hurts!”

It was on a Sunday last December, I went to play golf with my husband and Eve and Jonathan. Jonathan is a professional golfer and golf coach at the local country club. Eve was invited to have a nice day out on the course just for “Fun”.

We started at 8:30 am and without realizing it took us 3 hours to complete the 12 hole course. It was a nice day out, we had a golf buggy so we didn’t have to be out in the sun for too long.. or be walking miles. I don’t know who would be complaining about that the most. Without having to go through all the scores, you know who won. It was quite close – well not really. My husband claims that out of the three amateurs, he won. 

wonderful day at the golf course

We had fun golfing!

Anyhow, that’s not important. What’s important is that we all had fun. It had been a while since I last played golf, which is probably why I had a problem with my back. This is what I wanted to talk about and to share my recovery story with you. 

Visiting a Physiotherapist in Singapore after my back hurts

After doing my research on how golfers back can be treated, the best option I had was to visit a physiotherapist Singapore. I say golfers back as if I’m a professional..but the term golfers back are what I had been diagnosed with by my physio.

As I had been placing rotational stresses on my back for 3 hours and in a bent-over stance, it is no doubt that my back was in pain! I had been standing and swinging my body more than usual that was not normal or I was not used to.

A modern-day golfers swing is designed to hit long and hard. However, the issue with this kind of swing is that it is not very good for the back. Especially as I had not played for a while, the extra movement to my pelvis and the muscles between the pelvis and lumbar spine had been pulled. It is most common for golfers to experience some kind of back pain but never did I think it could happen to me so severely after only a few hours! 

back pain after a day of golf

Luckily, I only had minor strains to my back and I managed to get myself to a physiotherapy clinic in time to treat it. At the physiotherapist, I went through multiple rounds of rehabilitation, strengthening and conditioning exercises and heat therapy to treat the inflammation of the stretched ligaments, tendons and muscles. It was an ongoing treatment, which I needed to continue with outside of the physiotherapy sessions over 2 – 3 months.

This included maintaining my diet, light conditioning training, extra warm-up and stretching time after any light exercise I could do which was all listed to me as part of my recovery. The physiotherapist in Singapore, really made me feel more confident in becoming back-pain free and was very detailed in allocating – suggested time spent, intensity, type of recovery exercises that would best get me back to living a normal life.