Landscape Transformation

Project 1: Landscaping of backyard

Wants and Needs for the Project

The main goal of the landscaping project was to make the backyard more welcoming, accessible, and modern for the homeowners to enjoy so landscaping services were needed. They did have a porch, as you can see in the before photo, but it was in bad shape, and the backyard plantings were small and not close to the outdoor area. During the design process, the homeowner and Kent worked together to construct a patio layout that included a dining table and seating area, as well as a passageway from the house to the garage.

Tasks for the Project

The project went off without a hitch, with just a few slight snags. The narrow driveway and (relatively) small work area were a welcome change from a normal suburban front and back yards. Since they retained the original stairs from the side of the house, matching the level of the patio up to the stairs was an important part of this project. The patio and walkway needed to maintain the height before descending to the driveway. When they were done, they planted brand new sod to really set off the landscape and make it pop and look beautiful.


The patio is large enough to accommodate a variety of events and arrangements. On a regular day, it also allows people to flow from the garage to the home. The plantings are both intentionally and naturally planned. The various textures and colors of the plants contrast with one another and with the rough patio floor.

Additional Info

Timeline: This project took three weeks to complete.

The main patio stone was Belgard Charleston Standard pavers, with Borgert Cracovia tiny rectangles as the soldier course. Plant beds were edged with natural stone edging and covered with shredded hardwood mulch.

Notes from the job site: That was their first assignment of the 2017 summer season. Since the ground was still hard and the plants are only beginning to grow, the first project out of winter is often a little more difficult. Also, because of the limited size of the environment they were operating in, it was a little tighter and more difficult to navigate. Their crews persevered, and the project turned out beautifully.

Landscaping of backyard

Project 2: Re Landscape the backyard and redo drainage system

Wants and Needs for the Project

An older home once stood on this Edina property. The present owners acquired the property and then built a brand new house on it. The task was given to KG Landscape to come in and complete the transformation. Their primary aim was to provide the homeowners with a landscape that complemented the lovely home they had designed.

The project’s second main objective was to eliminate the hill in the backyard and create a two-tiered environment. These two areas provide their children with a lawn play area as well as an outdoor entertainment patio area. Evening use is possible thanks to the retaining wall’s outdoor lighting. Their young children can play safely because of the aluminum fencing.

Finally, the property’s drainage and rainfall needed to be regulated. In the old house, the base of the hill in the back would accumulate water and cause basement issues. Their team devised a system of French Drains and drainage tubing that could easily handle any volume of water.

Tasks for the Project

They had expected that the project work would take a considerable period of time. That was one of the most significant projects their company had ever undertaken.

Breaking down the hill in the backyard was the first phase in the project. Unfortunately, there was not enough room between this house and the next door neighbor’s for a bobcat to fit. So they had to use a Dingo, which is a smaller version of a bobcat. Since they could only remove small quantities of soil at a time and there was a lot of dirt to remove, this slowed down the demolition process significantly. Their estimates put the amount of soil at about 60 cubic yards, with each dingo holding about a quarter of a cubic yard. That means they made at least 240 Dingo trips from the backyard to the front of the house.

The sitting wall that would separate the top tier of the backyard from the bottom tier was the second stage. They built drainage behind the wall that connects to the rest of the backyard drainage system, as you can see in the photo above. The steps were difficult to install and needed more expertise than they seem. Following that, they built the patio as well. They angled the patio slightly to direct water away from it and into the grass field, where a drainage system of French Drains and drainage tubing was built.

They then proceeded to work on the plantings and edging. They did some small plantings in front of the house and also surrounded the grass area in the back with plants. Mulch and river rock were built. They completed the project by laying brand new sod across the house. The new sod looked fantastic, as you can see in the images.


This project was a huge success in the end. The overall appearance was just what the homeowners wanted, and it serves them well. There was some heavy rain shortly after completing the project, and the drainage system performed admirably. Plants and sod had filled in the gaps as they expanded into the room. The patio and wall provided a pleasant separation as well as a potential entertaining space.

Additional Info

The limited lot size concealed the transformation’s immense reach and complexity.

Timeframe: From start to finish, this project took about two months. Since they couldn’t use a bobcat in the backyard, the demolition on this project took a long time. They had to use a Dingo (a smaller version of a bobcat), which took a long time to clean up. There were also several specialty parts (such as stone steps and aluminum fencing) that contributed significantly to the project’s duration.

Belgard Charleston’s materials Bachmans non-tumbled Mahogany and Tan colored patio tile with a Rochester Limestone cap, Belgard Brisa retaining the wall stone. Midwest Fence offers aluminum fencing. In plant beds, use poly edging with mulch and river rock. Boxwoods, hydrangeas, hostas, salvia, russian sage, and daylilies are among the plants.

Construction notes: The amount of complex work (steps, aluminum fencing, drainage, etc.) applied to the duration of the project.

Re Landscape the backyard and redo drainage system


These were some examples of Landscape Transformation by landscaping services but in Singapore, it will not be so similar unless you live on landed property and need gardening services as well as landscaping. If you are in charge of an estate (for example a school, condominium, or public property, you may need our help in landscaping services!), just drop us an email and we can discuss further!