I’m going to Germany, yeppie!

Hi! Today I’ll be sharing about a secret vacation that I am planning to take in December! Can you guess where I will be going? Okay, let me give you a clue. The capital of the country is Berlin,do you know where? The answer is Germany! If you know the answer then well done if not it is okay. I’ll be sharing about the plans I have made including about the places I have planned to visit and where I’ll be staying. I will also share a little about the Sinopharm vaccine and how the Sinopharm vaccination process goes. So stay along if you want to know some cool places and tips I have for you when you visit Germany. 

For starters, I’ll be travelling for 10 days. It is going to be my very first time in Germany, hence I have done a lot of research on places to visit and what could be some of the exciting things I could do. Firstly, I will be staying in the Steigenberger Hotel. It is a 5 star hotel that comes with amazing amenities. They have a beautiful pool, a full service spa, restaurant and bar/lounge. The reason I have chosen this hotel is because of the spread of positive comments and there are many attractions that are a walkable distance from the hotel such as the Europa Centre and Berlin Zoological garden. 

Currently based on my research during December it is going to be around -3 degrees to 5 degrees. It is my first time experiencing such temperatures so I have decided to invest my money in some good quality winter jackets and heat warmers. I am not too sure what to expect from the weather as I can withstand cold temperatures quite well. For example I can sleep with the aircon at 18 degrees without any blankets. But better to be prepared for then to go to Germany and realise that I am going to freeze.

For the attractions that I have planned out my first stop is going to be the TV tower at Alexanderplatz. The height of the tower is 368 metres allowing it to be spotted at almost every point in Berlin. It is one of the most popular attractions in Berlin and due to the regulations only 380 visitors are allowed in the sphere at any one time hence I have decided to book my ticket in advance to ensure that I get a slot. It is a great place to go to if you would like to have a breathtaking view of the city. You can practically watch the sunset twice as you could go to the highest floor and see the sunset and then take their extremely fast lift that travels at 6 metres per second to a lower floor to see the sun again. I highly recommend you to consider this as one of the attractions to visit if you do go to Berlin.

The second location I will be going to is the Europa Centre. Well it is not really an attraction as per say but it is a shopping mall with over 70 retail stores and the best part is it is open at all times and it is very near the hotel that I am planning to stay at. Next up on my list is heading to watch the sunset at Klunkerkranich, it has an amazing spot for you to just lay back and relax while having a drink as they have a rooftop bar where you can order some snacks as well. 

If you have stayed on here’s a little something, you need not have to worry about communication in Berlin. As long as you know English you are good to go. The people in Berlin understand and can speak English well, not all of them but most of them. Learning a little German will benefit you, however you do not have to stress about it. 

Back to my planning, as I am staying there for 10 days I have decided to take one to two days off to just stay in my hotel and chill. What is the point of not relaxing when you are on a vacation, am I right? Needless to say I have to make use of the amenities available as well. Well there is one thing that I have to let you know, as mentioned before about vaccinations.  

To ensure that I am safe and able to peacefully enjoy my vacation without having to worry about Covid.

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