Everything You Need To Know About Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

In case of any power or electrical failure, uninterruptible power supply devices help keep computer systems and IT equipment safe and operational. An uninterruptible power supply provides backup power when there is any power failure. Depending on the size and how well equipped the uninterruptible power supply device is, the backup power is available for use only for a period of time. Up until the power starts working again. When electricity is able to flow properly, computers and tech equipment are protected from any form of damage. A single unit of uninterruptible power supply device can help protect all your data.

Without an uninterruptible power supply device during a power failure, the unexpected hardware stop will cause a software crash. This will lead to data loss or corruption. All business transactions will also be interrupted and lost, exposing the company to financial complications and loss of reputation.

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Different types of power disturbances can affect your computers and tech equipment differently if there is no uninterruptible power supply device.

  • Spikes are short duration rapid voltage, they can cause both positive and negative voltage excursions, damage or destroy electrical components and corrupt the software. Software problems are also difficult to track down and solve, this is because they may not show until some time after the damage is done.
  • Sags are drops in the mains supply that can last for many cycles. They are similar to negative spikes but the duration lasts longer. These are very common and are usually the result of switching on large loads like starting rotating machines. They can cause a computer reboot if the main voltage gets too low and can make tech equipment and computers believe that it has been switched off.
  • Brownouts are almost similar to sags but they last longer and do more serious damage. They tend to appear when the main supply is not able to cope with demand of the present load. Brownouts can last up to hours at a time in extreme circumstances.
  • Blackouts, like we know, are complete power losses. It is when the main supply fails. This can be caused by supply line faults, accidents, storms, and many more. At times, blackouts can have a very devastating effect.

So what exactly is an uninterruptible power supply device? It is a device that provides battery backup when the electrical power fails or drops to an unacceptable voltage level.

Small uninterruptible power supply systems can provide power for a short period of time, enough to properly power down all computer systems and tech equipment. And bigger systems tend to have enough battery to last for several hours. However, in most cases the uninterruptible power supply systems are only used for a few minutes to wait for the electrical generators to take over.

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So, there are 3 main types of uninterruptible power supply services. They are able to accommodate a wide range of applications. The 3 main types of uninterruptible power supply systems are,

1. Standby UPS

A standard standby UPS is an uninterruptible power source that helps to deliver short-term, battery courced power during power outages. Hardwares will be able to receive utility power through a direct AC connection. This standby unit is normally on hold until a backup power is needed. A standard standby UPS device can safeguard data and sensitive equipment from surges, spikes and dips. This device is commonly used to protect computers, tech equipment and other hardwares.

A standby UPS is also called an offline UPS. An offline uninterruptible power source delivers backup power for less demanding professional environments.

2. Line interactive UPS

Line interactive UPS is a type of uninterruptible power source that regulates voltage automatically. This technology responds to high and low voltage conditions. Individual units help support systems during outages without draining the battery. With an interactive UPS unit, the electrical source is the first line of power. An inverter/converter technology allows the line interactive UPS unit to be charged throughout normal operations. During outages, the uninterruptible power supply coverst battery power to the AC flow.

Line interactive UPS systems will help safeguard sensitive equipment during brownouts and/or blackouts. The units in the line interactive UPS classification are more expensive than standby UPS units but cheaper than an online UPS unit. Line interactive UPS systems help to maintain performance during low voltage situations and short term power failures. If a long outage period is anticipated, the battery power of a line interactive UPS system will allow computers and tech equipment to be shut down safely.

3. Online UPS

An Online UPS is a type of uninterruptible power supply that utilises a double conversion technology. With this double conversion technology, networking equipment does not need to receive electricity directly from an AC outlet. The power will travel through a rectifier and it will become DC power. After that it travels to the battery and inverter which will be delivered to the equipment. Online UPS will provide equipment with clean power continuously.

When an electrical failure occurs, online UPS systems will maintain consistent current flow to protect the network equipment. The power provided is sourced from the battery until restoration occurs. This is the reason why online UPS systems cost more than offline or line interactive UPS systems.

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There are many uninterruptible power supply company in Singapore that can provide you with more information on which type of device is the most suitable for you. The 3 different types of UPS systems cater to different types of computers and tech equipment. They can vary due to the amount of power they provide, how long the battery can last and more. It is good to seek professional advice on which is best suited for your company rather than impulsively buying them.

It is good to have an uninterruptible power supply system on hand. It does not matter whether it is for home use or office use. Having a UPS system can help prevent any type of damage to be done to your computer and tech equipment. It is always better to be safe than sorry.