Dental Clinics in Clementi

Have you ever been confused by the number of dental clinics in Clementi? Which one should you visit? Who are the more reliable dentists there? What about the dental charges? Who is the more experienced dentist near Clementi?

Ideally, you’ll want a dentist who can communicate well. This should be a professional who is willing to work with you to address your problems. A dentist who will take the time to explain your dental condition and treatment options to you. In addition, the clinic should have the necessary certificates and skilled personnel on staff.

Here are some of the best dental clinics that are available in Clementi:

  • Royce Dental Surgery
  • Ginza Dental Surgery
  • A Dental Clinic
  • B9 Dental Centre
  • Q&M Dental Group


At Royce Dental Surgery, patients may receive the best care from the clinic’s team of qualified practitioners. Years of experience in both the private and public sectors of healthcare have equipped them with the necessary abilities. At Royce Dental Surgery, they provide everything from general dentistry to specialty treatments.

Royce Dental Surgery

Many other treatments are available, including wisdom teeth extraction, crowns and bridges, root canal therapy, dental implants, and more. Because of the competence of the Royce Dental Surgery staff, you can be certain that you will receive the best dental treatment possible.

Another major goal of the dental clinic is to provide a friendly environment for patients, which will be especially beneficial to people with dental phobias or small children. As a result, you may put your fears aside and visit the dentist with comfort.

At Royce, you can rest assured that they have more than 30 dentists working under them with years of experience ranging from general dentists, pediatric dentists, braces teams, and even oral maxillofacial surgeons.

Dr Wong Le Ying from Royce Dental Surgery

Services offered:

Wisdom Teeth SurgeryDental Veneers
Teeth WhiteningRoot Canal Treatment
Dental ImplantsCrowns and Bridges
DenturesDental Braces
InvisalignPediatric Dentistry

By delivering the best dental care services, Royce Dental Surgery strives to be Singapore’s most proficient one-stop dental clinic. Their committed team of physicians and nurses are always upgrading and displaying their expertise in order to give you the high-quality care you require.

Ginza Dental

Dr. Tan Boon Eng founded Ginza Dental on October 1, 1993. On March 16, 2016, the dental clinic moved to Clementi in Block 612 Clementi West Street 1 #01-302. They were previously located inside Ginza Plaza at Clementi before relocating to its current site.

Ginza Dental Surgery

To get to Ginza Dental Surgery, patients may simply board buses from the AYE to the dental facility, which is specifically situated in the Clementi/West Coast neighborhood. Their purpose in relocating was to better serve their patients who lived in West Coast heartlands.

If you require complex dental treatments, Ginza Dental is the place to go because they specialize in difficult dental operations such as Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment). Their costs for quick appointments run from $30 to $50, while longer sessions cost $65 and above.

Not to fret, Dr. Tan Boon Eng will provide a guide on the cost of your treatment at Ginza Dental, so you can be certain that you will receive a comprehensive overview from an expert.

dr. Tan Boon Eng from Clementi Ginza Dental Surgery

Ginza Dental’s services are very comprehensive. It includes but is not limited to:

Scaling and PolishingTooth Fillings
OrthodonticsRestorative Dentistry

To better serve and help patients, Ginza Dental provides consultations if they require additional examinations. You can easily conveniently get dental treatments and advice at this one clinic without having to travel to other branches for such services. Except for Sundays and public holidays, they are open four days a week.

A Dental Clinic

A Dental Clinic has two locations, one in Jurong and the other in Clementi. They are located in Jurong East Central and are one of the few ground-level dental clinics on Jurong Gateway Road.

Their Clementi dentist is also on the ground floor. Large parking lots are conveniently located near both clinics and are within walking distance. Both clinics are conveniently placed in town centers, just minutes from the Jurong East and Clementi MRT stations, respectively.

dr. Nathan Pang from a Dental Clinic

Patients at A Dental Clinic get access to a wide range of dental services. Teeth whitening, braces/Invisalign, dental implants, and sedation dentistry are among the therapies available.

A Dental Clinic specializes in teeth whitening services, which is now a prominent trend among dental treatments. At A Dental Clinic, there are two types of whitening procedures available: vital whitening and non-vital whitening.

At A Dental Clinic, non-vital whitening is done on teeth that have had root canal treatment and no longer include a live nerve, whereas vital whitening is done on teeth that have had root canal treatment and no longer contain a live nerve.

A Dental Clinic specializes in 4 fours areas thus, if you are looking for something personal this is the clinic for you.

Invisalign / BracesComplete Whitening Package
Sedation DentistryTooth Implant

B9 Dental Clinic

B9 Dental Centre provides people with high-quality dental and healthcare services at an affordable cost. Patients at B9 Dental Centre receive the greatest dental consultation and counseling based on their specific needs. B9 Dental Centre is exclusively concerned with its patients’ overall well-being. To do this, they provide considerate and kind care to patients, ensuring that they feel at ease and calm throughout their treatments.

B9 Dental at Clementi

B9 Dental Centre offers gum surgery, dental implants, whitening services, fillings, scaling and polishing, and a variety of other dental procedures from another dentist near West Coast. B9 Dental Centre uses cutting-edge technology and equipment to give its patients top-notch dental diagnosis and treatment. A trained dentist will do scaling, veneers, extractions, root canal therapy, and other procedures with ease.

Intraoral cameras for obtaining comprehensive photographs of patients’ mouths, teeth, and gums for diagnostics, cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), and more are examples of their high-end technology.

They are well-known for offering a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere in which all patients may relax. There is even TV to keep patients entertained as they wait or are being treated.

Clementi Dental at B9


ScalingDental Fillings
Oral SurgeryRoot Canal Treatments
Full and Partial DenturesCrown and Bridge
Dental Implant BracePolishing
VeneersTeeth Whitening

Q & M

Q & M Dental Group, Singapore’s biggest private dental clinic with 3 branches of their dentist around Clementi and more than 70 facilities islandwide, has to be included in our list. When it comes to accessibility, it is unquestionably the best.

Q & M Dental at Clementi

There will be no lack of dentists because Q & M Dental Group has over 200 skilled dentists stationed in various branches throughout the island. If your favorite branch is fully booked, just switch to a nearby branch.

There are no concerns regarding safety because it is establishing extensive operating procedures to ensure that every patient who attends one of its clinics is safe and pleasant.

Braces, crowns and bridges, implants, CAD-CAM Dentistry, and many other procedures are available at Q & M. They prioritize the safety and wellness of its patients. To do so, Q & M has implemented stringent operational standards designed to preserve its patients’ safety and well-being.

With their years of experience, comes their expertise. Q&M offers a wide range of dental services slightly more than the other dental clinics.

dr. Azlan Daud at Clementi Q & M


Aesthetic DentistryDentures
BracesGeneral Dental Treatment
CAD-CAM Digital DentistryGum Disease
Children DentistryImplant
Crowns and BridgesJaw Orthognathic Surgery
DenturesNerve Treatment
BruxismFissure Sealant
Wisdom Tooth 

They even offer services for pregnant women! Q & M Dental Group also does not disappoint in terms of facilities. Whether you have a toothache or gum disease, dentists can treat you with current and cutting-edge dental technology.

That is all there is to know about Clementi’s best dentist. We hope that this information will help you make an informed decision while looking for the best dentist in Clementi. Do always conduct your research online if you are still unsure about these dentist clinics or simply contact any of these dental professionals in search of whiter, healthier teeth, they will be able to assist you! Alternatively, visit their website and check out their dental FAQs to find out more!

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