Custom Carpentry Services At a Fraction Of The Price in Singapore

Over the past decade, we have completed numerous projects in Singapore. We specialise in custom carpentry Singapore fittings for residential and commercial properties at a highly affordable price.

From our workshop, we are able to offer direct factory prices to our customers. Our highly-experienced carpenters take pride in every project in order to deliver each project seamlessly.

custom carpentry for office meeting room table

We can help you in all projects. Be it residential homes or commercial offices. Our work includes Offices, Retail Shops, Schools, Landed Homes, Condominiums and Housing Development Board (HDB) projects.

1 of the most important reasons why customers choose to continue to work with us for over 10 years is because of our highly competitive pricing. By coming to us directly, you skip the middleman such as ID salesman and companies. Hence, you actually get a better return on investment. Here are some of our work portfolio over the years for your perusal.

Condominium Carpentry

condominium carpentry 1
condominium carpentry 2
condominium carpentry 3

HDB Carpentry

hdn carpenter services 1
hdn carpenter services 2
hdn carpenter services 3

Beauty Salon Carpentry

beauty salon handyman carpentry 1
beauty salon handyman carpentry 2
beauty salon handyman carpentry 3

Jewellery Shop Carpentry

jewellery carpentry services 1
jewellery carpentry services 2
jewellery carpentry services 3

Contact us at your earliest and make an appointment with us via our website. All our projects are customised to our client’s needs regardless of the criteria. We want to keep our customers happy & satisfied at all times so give us a call to discuss now!