Hands Got Burnt After Incident With Hand Sanitiser

This lady here applied sanitizer on her arms and went to the kitchen to cook. The moment she turned on the stove, her hand caught fire due to the alcohol contained in the sanitizer. Do be very careful! Do share this with all your friends especially in this coronavirus frenzy which took the world by storm. 这位女士在这里用消毒剂擦手臂,然后去厨房做饭。 当她打开火炉的那一刻,由于消毒剂中的酒精,手着火了。 要非常小心。 #covid …

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Family Members Digital Photography Tips – Part 1

singapore family photography services

According to Singapore family photography services, the hardest photo to specify up and manage is actually the group family members photo. These photos simply definitely operate when everybody is actually on the exact same page, taking a look at the video camera as well as grinning all at once. Integrating through acquiring every person to claim “cheese” is the common …

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What is Admission Consulting?

Admission consulting

As the academic year comes to an end and school holidays approaching, parents of those teenagers start getting anxious who are planning to get admission in top colleges and universities around the world such as Oxford, Stanford University, Harvard University, Yale, Columbia University, LSE, NUS, NTU, SMU and Princeton University to name a few. How do we start, how do …

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What is SAT and how do we prepare for it?

college board SAT practice test

SAT stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test, which was renamed in 1993 as SAT Reasoning Test or SAT I. SAT is a Subject-based test for standardized college admission exams on selective subjects. SAT is the only recognized college admission test which is accepted by every college in the US and more than 600 international educational institutions where you are able to …

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Dr Nathasalim

LASIK and LASEK are both laser eye corrective surgical procedures that help to treat nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Both use excimer lasers and work to reshape and ablate part of the cornea to correct vision.  LASIK is one of the most common refractive surgeries and one of the most successful. It has a short healing timeline, and you can almost …

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Clarifications on misinformation regarding the Wuhan coronavirus

There have been a number of fake messages and unfounded rumours circulating related to the Wuhan coronavirus. We’ll be listing the more widespread ones here for your reference: Individual who died of virus – 26 Jan 2020 A HardwareZone Forum post claimed that a 66 year old man died in Singapore from a newly identified virus that caused him to …

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adidas by Stella McCartney continues to push boundaries in performance wear with the Spring/Summer 20 collection. Inspired by the collective of next-generation athletes, the new season apparel reimagines classic performance looks with innovative design. The SS20 collection takes a fresh approach to iconic training looks within two new capsules: Club Collective and Boxfit. Both feature a mix of high-performance training essentials that fuse style and sport seamlessly …

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Huawei P30 Pro vs. Pixel 3 Camera Shootout: Google Just Got Beat

While the choice between these phone cameras sometimes comes down to personal preference, the Huawei P30 Pro shows much more potential for capturing amazing nighttime photos than the Pixel 3. Ask, “What’s the best camera phone?” and the default answer since last fall has been Google’s Pixel 3. But as the Pixel 3’s software and hardware ages and new contenders enter the …

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