Cataract Surgery

Long gone are the two-week hospital stays for cataract patients. Today, cataract surgery is performed in less than 10 minutes in most cases.

Patients, whose eyes have been dilated prior to surgery, leave wearing simply a pair of dark glasses. Within 48 hours, patients return to most routine activities with minimal restrictions. Now, bladeless laser cataract surgery is revolutionizing the entire procedure and providing patients with unparalleled visual results.

The FDA-approved bladeless LenSx Laser uses the same femtosecond technology as that used in bladeless LASIK surgery. Whereas, manual cataract surgery requires handheld surgical instruments to make incisions, the bladeless LenSx Laser provides image-guided control for increased accuracy and predictability. Additionally, this laser enables surgeons to precisely program the size, shape and location of the incision and lens capsule for each patient. The LenSx Laser also softens the lens to reduce the amount of energy and fluid needed to remove the cataract, resulting in faster recovery time.

bladeless cataract surgery

The LenSx Laser can correct for low astigmatism, allowing patients to see as clearly as possible for distance vision without relying on glasses. By combining the most advanced multi focal and astigmatism correcting lenses with blade less Laser cataract surgery and ORA Precision Vision technology, patients are able to customize their vision and minimize their dependence on glasses.

The advanced ORA Precision Vision enables cataract surgeons to get the most accurate measurements for precise lens power and placement, thus achieving optimal results for patients. For those with astigmatism, ORA Precision Vision provides extremely accurate measurements, allowing the surgeon to make the best vision correction to reduce the need for glasses after surgery.

In cataract surgery, patients choose the lens that best suits their lifestyle, assuming no other eye health issues exist. The multi focal lens is designed to give patients the best distance and near vision with less dependence on glasses after surgery. With the multi focal lens, most patients are enjoying the freedom to read, use their cell phone or iPad, play golf and drive without the need for glasses.

For those with low astigmatism, the ORA Precision Vision and Laser Arcuate Incisions now make it possible for patients to receive the multi focal lens unless other eye health conditions exist. For patients with moderate to high astigmatism, he Toric focal point conveys clear separation vision with less reliance on solution glasses, anyway close and halfway vision will even now require glasses. The Toric lens combined with ORA Precision Vision offers patients the best astigmatism correction available.

Leading cataract surgeons around the country consider bladeless laser cataract surgery the wave of the future. With patients appreciating the ability to customize their vision, experiencing gentle procedures and faster recovery periods, and once again enjoying the vision they had in their 20s, it is no surprise that this innovative procedure is rapidly becoming the norm for cataract surgery

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