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As gadgets use is increasing every year, myopia and cataract speed has also been rising. Back in Singapore, many studies have shown that 80 percent of 18 years old suffer from myopia, also of that 20 percent have high myopia.

A cataract is a result of the clouding of the natural crystalline lens within the eye that causes light to be scattered and obstructed. Hence leading to diminished vision like the forested glass that impacts night driving and glares of eyesight. In order to go about these misfortunes we should get in touch with our trustworthy pediatric physician immediately.

A cataract is the most frequent cause of vision loss largely at age 40 and above. It is among the main factors causing blindness in the world and can happen to anyone at any stage in life. In a young age, the crystalline lens in the eye is largely clear and cataract does not develop. However, as we get older, largely around 40-50 decades, the natural crystalline lens becomes cloudy creating disease and affects the vision particularly in low light conditions.

A number of the main indications of this disease are:

Blurred vision

Lack of color distinction

Scattered light and halos across the mild

Poor night vision particularly in low light

Need to change spectacles power but no improved vision

There Are Plenty of Kinds of cataract but most Frequent ones are:

Age-Related: would be the most common form and can be brought on by many unknown aspects.

Traumatic: brought on by Blunt/Penetrating Eye Injuries, Electrocution, Chemical Burns, or Radiation Exposure.


A cataract is not something that should be left untreated since it won’t vanish alone but will ultimately cause vision loss. There are no medications for Cataract however there are a few ways to look after Cataract. The most common approach to take care of Cataract is that the blade less laser cataract operation which only takes around 15 minutes with more than a million patients picking the cataract surgery every year. According to SNEC(Singapore National Eye Center) the success rate, safety, and predictability of this result is 97-98 percent.

Once you suspect Cataract with a few of the symptoms listed above, you shouldn’t wait but directly away book an appointment with your favorite cataract surgeon. In regards to medical treatment, we Singaporeans tend to be kiasu, therefore, I have recorded down 3 characteristics of a leading cataract surgeon so as to make this process simple.

Reviews & Testimonies

Qualifications & Experience

As we begin exploring on Google for your best eye doctor or cataract surgeon, the most important variable we all rely on is your qualification and expertise. We have to be sure the cataract surgeon is well qualified. For Instance, Dr. David Goh of NOVENA Bladeless Cataract Surgery & Eye Specialist Centre has examined in the United Kingdom with a number of medical degrees like B.Med. Sci (UK), MBBS (UK), MRCOphth (Lond), FRCO (Lond) Medical Director & Senior Consultant Ophthalmologist.

Dr David Goh

Second, the experience is a secret to trust, even if we are aware that a physician has over a decade of experience, we’ll surely prefer him as compared to one with less expertise. Dr. Goh has over 15 years of experience in this business demonstrating him to become the preferred selection for bladeless laser cataract surgery.

Singapore is an international hub for medical experts and people from south Asia, the middle east and around the world come here to healing many ailments that are complex. Consequently, affiliation with reputable institutes and government bodies will end up being an ambassador for individuals considering to create appointments.

At precisely the exact same time, in case a cataract specialist has the latest technology and well-equipped facilities, it automatically builds trust and raises the odds of gaining very good customer reviews. Dr. David Goh supplies an advanced computer-guided 100 percent bladeless laser cataract surgery. Being an Artificial Intelligence enthusiast, he intends to supply the most recent and most innovative software technologies to provide premium eye care alternatives to cataract patients.

Reviews & Testimonies

According to Google, percentage of customers read the reviews and decide which merchandise and services to choose from. Because of this, it is important that we look at online reviews before we choose our cataract surgeon. For example, Dr. David Goh has long lasting experience in ophthalmology, specializing in surgical experience in complicated Cataract in addition to simple and intricate Glaucoma. He routinely gives clinical skills lectures at regional and international levels that have many customers testimonials demonstrating him to grow into one of the very best Cataract Providers in the area.

Bladeless Laser Cataract Surgery is gaining popularity each year as a result of its rapid painless effective procedure that’s performed within 15 minutes and patients are able to discharge in two or three hours. Therefore, choice of glaucoma surgeons can be somewhat hard but using a little bit of internet research, finding out about their qualifications and expertise, affiliation and reviews and facilities and customer reviews, you will be able to decide on the most acceptable cataract surgeon for you and your loved ones.

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