“Capturing Memories”

Ever since I was young, I have always been fascinated by photography. Mainly because my parents would always bring a camera around to capture every little moment of our lives.

On every big occasion like graduation or festive occasions, my parents would bring my siblings and I to a family photo studio in Singapore. They will always keep their pictures in their own little album and bring it out to reminisce the good times every time we are together. 

My parents have always made sure to capture all our milestones, be it little or big. Safe to say, there are hundreds of photo albums lying around our house, each holding a different story behind it. Each of my siblings and I each have a pile of our own photo albums. Initially, I did not understand why they had to bring a camera everywhere we went. I did not understand the importance of why they felt the need to capture every moment we had. However, now when I browse through the albums, I always remember every little happy moment that happened throughout my childhood. 

A picture is not just an image, it captures story, emotions and memories. It becomes a page in your own storybook. You might think you will remember every little thing that happens in your life. Like losing your first tooth or your first time out in the bar. But in reality, these memories will fade. When we have a look at pictures taken, it makes us dive back into the past and relive the moment. 

Taking pictures is not just about having them printed and stored away somewhere in  the back of a cupboard. Each picture holds a different meaning and story behind it. My family and I enjoy sitting together in the living room with a cup of coffee or tea each laughing about the times in our childhood. I remember there was this once when I was four I had an argument with my older sister. We were arguing about what to have for dinner. Out of nowhere, I walked up to her and bit her in the stomach just for not agreeing with my decision. Happy to say, my sister gave in to me and all of us had pizza that night. 

I think visiting a family photo studio on special occasions is a wonderful thing. Even though you have to fork out money, it is all worth it as the pictures are professionally taken. You will always be reminded of the special occasion that took place when looking back on it. There are many professional family photographers in Singapore, you can always take your time and look for one who fits into your budget and produces nice results. 

The pictures taken do not have to be just the happy moments, it can capture moments where things are chaotic like having to bathe your dog or cleaning up after your kids. Always remember that the real moments are always better than the technical ones. You do not have to stress over whether or not the picture is blurry. As long as you will be able to look back and reminisce about them, the picture is good enough. 

Enough about that, let us talk about photography as a hobby. Like I said, I did not understand the need to capture everything around us. But ever since I started trying out photography, I fell in love with the concept. Here are some reasons why I think photography is great:

  • Builds creativity 

Taking pictures is like capturing art. The feeling I get when I have captured an amazing picture with my loved ones in it, the sun setting down beautifully behind them is surreal. As an adult, I now rarely have the time to do things that are creative and take up a little of my time. However with photography, I am allowed to capture the beautiful things and buildings around us that make me happy to be able to live in such an amazing city. 

  • Traveling 

Ever since I began photography as a hobby, I have been traveling more now. I love traveling to different countries to enjoy the beautiful scenery and atmosphere. Traveling has exposed me to learning about different cultures all around the world. It gives me the chance to capture different traditional cultures and take part in them. 

  • Meeting new people

The most interesting and exciting part of traveling is mettig different people. From asking locals for directions to having a full on conversation about different kinds of cuisines. It definitely was something I normally would not do. I have made many friends who are also into photography in those countries. It was very eye opening. Learning about the way others view the world and how they capture moments. 

  • Recording and taking pictures of memories

It honestly does not always have to be pictures, videos are equally important. There are moments during a concert where a video would just capture so much more as compared to a picture. It brings you to relive the atmosphere and vibes of that day. After every trip, I always look forward to bringing back these pictures and videos to show my family and friends about the wonderful moments that I have experienced. 

  • Having fun

As important as it is to capture moments, you should also be having fun. Like instead of being behind the camera every time, try being in the picture as well. Other than that, there are many things that you can do. Like having a picnic, roaming around town, or just weekly drinks with your friends.

  • Learning something new is good for your brain

There is much research that shows that learning a new skill helps to improve your memories. Especially when it comes to photography, being a hobby/job that has many elements, you will most likely be putting in a lot of effort to learn about it. 
To summarise everything off, photography is more than just a job or a hobby. It has made me step out of my comfort zone and be a more adventurous person. It allowed me to explore new things around me and the world. Even though I am working a full time job, photography allows me to be in my own personal space as I capture moments that are happening. They always say, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Who knows maybe after I retire, I might set up my own family photo studio in Singapore to help others create memories.