Book Maxi Taxi: 3 Tips to Avoid Taxi Scams

By World Executives Digest

Taxi scams are very commonly occurring phenomena and many stories are rounding off the internet or you might have heard from a friend. There are many drivers that simply can’t be trusted and hence people opt to book maxi taxi. The tourists especially are the main target of the taxi drivers because of their lack of experience with the localities, customs, language, currency and area.

There are many taxi drivers that are known to taking long routes, additional charges and even steal some of the tourist’s belongings. However, if you want to be safe and prevent this scam happening to you then you must be properly prepared before making a trip to your favourite place. Here are the 3 tips that can ensure your safety and you can simply book maxi taxi.

Be Smart with Planned

The smartest thing you can do for your safety is to plan ahead of time. Planning a trip is usually not done in a day or two. You give proper time to search the place you want to visit, tourist spot, famous cuisine, festival celebration, and the list goes on. While you are doing all the planning, you must take time out and check the fare, routes and rules of the public transport of the respective place.

Make sure to check the fare from your hotel to airport and vice versa. Also, check the charges when you travel to your favourite spot. In addition to all this, make sure that you have an alternative in case you want to travel the place by public transport. However, always count on traffic or delay when planning.

Be Smart with Your Decision

The most common thing that people do is, they flag a taxi and hop off without taking a note of anything even the number plate. Well, this is definitely not done even when you know the location too. It is better to use taxi stand if possible to avoid taking an unlicensed taxi. You can even book maxi taxi and cab to avoid any unmarked car.

For prevention, make sure that the cab you are hailing has a taxi-company logo, a helpline telephone number and taxi lights (avoid makeshift lifts cab). This will helps in ensuring your safety at some level. Another thing that you can do is to use your GPS service or Map to make sure that your driver is not taking a long or different route.

Be Smart While Hailing A Taxi

You might have noticed many times that the driver pretends their meter is not working which allow them to charge a high price. If that is the case then you can do two things, first avoid the cab that doesn’t have a working meter or secondly, you must talk about the price beforehand even before you get on the cab. Therefore, it is always better to book maxi taxi.

Another thing is to avoid putting any valuable item in the trunk of the car. Make sure to keep your gadgets, passport and other valuable items in the front seat of the car. While exiting, you must unload the truck and take all your items out before paying the driver. In addition to this, you must use cash to pay for the ride.


However, it is always better to arrange for your rides beforehand and book maxi cab Singapore for your travel to avoid any scams. It is possible that things do not go as planned in such cases you can simply need to keep your patience intact while dealing with such situation. Also, don’t accuse the driver if you feel something is wrong. Simply, walk away.

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