Apple reportedly in talks to acquire Intel’s modem business for $1B+

Apple may have written a check and signed a deal with Qualcomm in order to ensure a 5G iPhone wasn’t late to market, but it’s clear the Cupertino hardware giant wasn’t interested in burying the hatchet too deep.

Apple is in “advanced talks” to buy Intel’s smartphone modem business for “$1 billion or more,” according to a new report in The Wall Street Journal. Last month, The Information detailed that Apple was in talks to buy part of Intel’s modem business.

This latest report details that an agreement “could be reached in the next week” if the talks don’t fall apart.

This deal could potentially bring Apple hundreds of engineers and key patents from Intel that would likely allow them to build out some of the technologies they are currently licensing from Qualcomm for their cell network-connected mobile devices.

Any deal wouldn’t affect the near-term nature of Apple’s relationship with Qualcomm, as part of the companies’ settlement included a six-year licensing agreement — though full details of that agreement were not disclosed.

Apple has worked with Intel’s modem team closely, especially during their legal skirmishes with Qualcomm, though Intel’s team was reported to be falling behind in scaling its 5G modem development.

An Apple spokesperson did not comment on the report.