7 Most Trustworthy Crystal Suppliers in Singapore

Crystals have been used for a long time to explore spirituality. They’re not only beautiful but also a wonder of nature. These gemstones go through many changes over millions of years, creating colourful rocks filled with the Universe’s energy.

So, wouldn’t you want some of these good vibes in your home or as part of your jewellery collection? You can find them at the crystals supplier in Singapore or from a crystal wholesaler.

If you’re new to collecting crystals, it can be tricky to distinguish genuine ones from the fake ones. We understand it can be quite a challenge, and that’s why we’re particular about the suppliers we collaborate with, especially in Singapore. Nobody wants to spend a lot of money on what turns out to be coloured glass – that can be really disappointing.

Semiprecious Stones

When people find the right crystal, they might feel a warm sensation or a gentle vibration in their body. If you’re not sure which one is right for you, just be patient and let the crystal choose you. If that doesn’t work, you can think about what you want from it or simply choose based on how it looks. You can also use tools like Google Lens to help you out.

Now, the tricky thing with crystals is their colour. Some crystals are believed to have different ‘powers’ depending on their colour. This is because of how they’re formed and what they’re made of. Just keep in mind that some crystals may lose their colour if exposed to direct sunlight regularly.

An important consideration now arises: How can we effectively cleanse our crystals to maintain their purity and vibrational integrity? Below are the examples on how:

  • Cleanliness Matters: Keeping your crystal physically clean is essential, but metaphysical cleanliness is equally important. A ‘dirty’ gemstone can affect sensitive individuals negatively.
  • Simple Cleansing Method: To purify your crystal, an easy method is placing it over Carnelian or in a dish with rock salt. Leave it overnight, but ensure everything is dry afterward, as saltwater can harm your crystals.
  • Dispose of Used Salt: Remember to dispose of the ‘dirty’ salt properly, and keep it away from plants.
  • Regular Cleansing: Don’t skip cleansing, as crystals can pick up energies from others throughout the day. Regularly cleanse them to maintain their positive vibes.
Charging Crystals with Energy

Discovering the ideal crystals for beginners is an exciting first step in the fascinating realm of crystal healing. As you embark on your journey, it’s helpful to know which crystals offer a gentle and accessible introduction to this holistic practice. Let’s delve into a selection of these beginner-friendly crystals, each with its unique properties and potential benefits, making them an excellent choice for those starting their exploration of the world of crystals.

Clear QuartzYou can use clear quartz as a universal amplifier for all other stones.
CitrineBrings boundless joy to your mind, body, and soul! When combined with clear quartz, they also assist in detoxification.
AmethystOpens up our natural intuition, helping us humbly embrace more life’s blessings.
Rose quartzBestows forgiveness gracefully, fostering our ability to love once more.
FluoriteEnhances relationship dynamics with lightness and supports mental clarity.
CarnelianCleans other stones and gives off creative energy.
Black TourmalineServes a constant comfort for feeling safe.

Now, let’s embark on a journey to discover the seven most trusted and renowned crystal suppliers in Singapore, where you can find a wide range of high-quality gemstones to enhance your well-being and spiritual practice.

1. Crystal Moments

Services2D/3D Laser Engraving, Customizing Gift, UV Direct Printing, 3D Modelling
Contact Details+65 6970 7977 info@crystalmoments.com.sg
Address120 Lower Delta Road #01-14 Cendex Centre, Singapore 169208

Founded in 2006, Crystal Moments Pte Ltd has become a leading provider of personalised crystal items in Singapore. They offer a wide range of products, including 2D/3D crystal portraits, corporate plaques, awards, sculptures, decorations, and jewellery, all of which can be customised. Their customer-focused approach, advanced technology, and skilled in-house team ensure high-quality and tailored products for both individuals and businesses.

2. Gemstory

ServicesCrystal Display Decor, Aroma Gems, Cleansing Kit
Contact Details+65 9366 8836 discovery@gemstory.com.sg
Address231 Bain St, #01-73, Complex 180231

Gemstory started in 2013 as a sole proprietorship and became a Private Limited Company in 2018. Their mission is to promote positivity through crystals by offering advisory services, workshops, and sharing the unique stories behind each crystal. They believe that crystals have unique energies that can benefit individuals in their daily lives.

3. East Ocean

ServicesNatural crystals and gemstones supplier
Contact Details+65 6842 8178 sales@eocean.com.sg
Address39 Genting Lane, #07-00 (Minwa Ind Bldg) Singapore 34955

East Ocean Crystals Pte Ltd, a leading Singapore-based wholesaler, offers a wide range of natural crystals, including Ammolite, Meteorite, Moldavite, and more. They are known as a trusted Singapore Moldavite wholesaler and Meteorite wholesaler. Their goal is to be your top choice for natural crystals in Singapore. Feel free to contact them for inquiries about their products.

4. Qi New Age Healing

ServicesHealings, Readings, Crystal Care  
Contact Details+65 9711 6843 qinewagehealing@gmail.com
Address42 Kandahar St, Singapore 198896

Qi New Age & Healing offers a variety of New Age items like crystals, books, pendulums, oracle cards, and more through their online website. They also welcome collaboration with Spiritual Individuals who want to showcase their artistic talents. Whether it’s wands, books, crystal jewellery, or art, they aim to support your creative journey.

5. New Age FSG

ServicesCrystal Library, Birthstones, Cleansing
Contact Details+65 6238 8978 enq@newagefsg.com.sg
Address60 Orchard Road Atrium@Orchard, #B2-04, Singapore 238889

NewAge FSG, an award-winning crystal and mineral SME, has been offering holistic guidance since 2006. They blend ancient traditions with modern technology to promote balance in body, mind, and spirit. Their bilingual advisors, trained by founder Christina Jee, provide insights on how planetary placements influence customers’ birth charts.

6. Able N Trust

ServicesCrystal Mandala Meditation, Personalized Crystal Mandala, Tarot Card Reading, Crystal Ball Reading, Crystal Healing Course
Contact Details+65 8726 0038 ant@ablentrust.com
Address261 Waterloo St, #01-26 Waterloo Centre, Singapore 180261

In 1993, Medha Tan launched Able N Trust, one of Singapore’s pioneering New Age Healing schools with over 25 years of experience. They offer holistic healing services including Crystal and Reiki therapy, teaching, and divination. Their notable creation is the Crystal Mandala. They’ve been featured in various media outlets and believe in empowering individuals to master their own destinies through natural forces and a commitment to providing excellent service.

7. Ren Ting Trading

ServicesIncense, Lamps, Meditation, Ritual, Feng Shui
Contact Details+65 6334 7273 enquiry@rentingonline.com.sg
Address149 Rochor Rd, #03-07/08/09 Fu Lu Shou Complex, Singapore 188425

Founded in 1990, Ren Ting Trading offers a unique shopping experience for high-quality Buddhist artefacts, incense, meditation supplies, and more from around the world. In 2016, Ren Ting Online was launched for convenient shopping from home, with GST included in listed prices.

Healing Reiki Chakra Crystals on Woman

In summary, crystals, with their natural beauty and spiritual energy, make wonderful additions to our homes and jewellery. You can find them at a reputable crystals wholsaler in Singapore. If you’re new to crystal collecting, our chosen Singapore crystal wholesalers ensure authenticity. Explore these trusted sources to enhance your well-being and spirituality with these beautiful gems.