3 Differences Between Heartland Dentists and Dentists in Orchard Road

Singapore is popular for its world-class medical facilities and is known as a modern innovative medical hub around the world. Dentistry in Singapore is also known to be among one of the best around the world due to the quick adaption of the latest technology such as robotics, artificial intelligence and 3D printing to aid dentistry.

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There are mainly two main types of dentists available in Singapore, public clinics owned by government and private clinics owned by private practitioners. When it comes to choosing between Heartland Dentists for instance dentist near West Coast and dentists in Orchard Road, there are a few scenarios that affect our decision-making process.

            As both Heartland Dentists and Orchard Road dentists are proficient in their expertise, both provide state of the art facilities for their patients and are well qualified, holding both local degrees from NUS medical and top overseas university degrees. Most of them are also members of the Singapore Dental Association and International Dental Organisations. Therefore, the basic criteria for most Singapore dentists are the same which is, all are well qualified, efficient, trusted and reliable.

So how do you actually decide which dentist to go to? Usually, before making a dental appointment, most of us will start searching on Google for keywords such as ‘dentist near me’ and it will show a number of dentists nearby. Then you look at the ratings and reviews for those dentists and select the ones with 3 or 4 star Google ratings and good clients’ testimonials and reviews.

Once you have shortlisted a few, now you can see their location and how far it is from your residence via public transport or by car. If you prefer to take public transport, then you need to plan your time if you are going on a Saturday or taking off from work during weekdays. Similarly, if you are driving, the expressway traffic jam will affect your commute time.

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Another scenario is if you suddenly encounter a bad toothache, and need to see a dentist urgently. If you are staying in the west area, it is advisable to see a dentist at Clementi, or near the West Coast. Similarly, if a sudden wisdom tooth pain caught you in the middle of the night, you would not want to see a dentist near Orchard area as you wouldn’t want to spend time traveling far from your house to Orchard Road, especially when you are in pain.

If you live near the West Coast area, you would prefer to visit the dentists in that neighborhood as compared to visiting the dentists in the Orchard Road area due to the following reasons:

  • Cost: Firstly, the dentists in the West Coast area are much more affordable as compared to the Orchard Road area. The main reason for this is that the rentals in the Orchard Road area are much higher than the rentals in the West Coast area. Hence by choosing to go to the West Coast area, you will be able to save a decent amount of money.
  • Location: Then there is the location factor of the Heartland Dentists which is much closer to your residential address if you are living near the west area. By choosing any of the dentists in the West Coast area, you will be able to save your travel time which is much further if you are to go to the dentist in the Orchard Road Area.
  • Convenience: Last but not least, if you are living in the West Coast area, since your childhood, then that dental clinic will have your record for the past many years and it will become easier for you to go and see that dentist in case next time you have a toothache or any other dental problem, making it convenient for you to come back to the same dentist whenever you need to.

After comparing a few dentists in Orchard Road and in the West Coast area on “practo.com” and “yelp.com.sg”, we found some interesting results in terms of their services, quality, experience, and cost. We break down 3 main differences between Heartland Dentists and Dentists in Orchard Road:

Facilities: Both Heartland Dentists and Orchard Road dentists are equipped with the latest technology and innovative facilities. Some of the dentists in dentist at West Coast have much better facilities in terms of machinery and the latest innovations as compared to the others.

Their equipment, technology, and tools available are latest, better, more advanced and efficient. The difference is that some Orchard Road dentists are affiliated with some of the more specialized dentists in private hospitals and dentists at Clementi are affiliated with specialized dentists in west area hospitals. Therefore, you could trust the facilities and standards of the dentist at West Coast.

Experience: Some of the dentists in West Coast are more experienced as compared to those near the Orchard Road, for instance, some of the West Coast dentists have more experience than others such as 5, 25, 2, 7, 41 years of experience.

Cost: The cost of dentists in Orchard Road is normally higher as compared to the West Coast dentists. Orchard Road dentist cost is between $80 – 1$20, West Coast dentist cost is starting from $10, $15, $20, $22, $35, $65, $80, $180 whereas some of the dentist at Clementi also offer free consultation.

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Healthy teeth are one of the greatest assets of a healthy body which we should prioritize among other daily tasks. Whether you are planning to see a dentist near West Coast, dentist near Clementi or at Orchard Road, you need to plan your visit and research your dentist well in advance for their cost, experience, and facilities to have a smoother experience.

The best gift we could give to our children is to educate them about dental care and develop some healthy habits for taking care of their teeth and go for a dental checkup for scaling and cleaning at least every 6 months to once a year. Researches have shown that many chronic diseases such as heart diseases, lung diseases, and diabetes are related to teeth and gum problems. Therefore, we need to value this precious gift and ensure to keep them clean and long-lasting to have a longer healthier life free from diseases.

“The best and cheapest dentistry is when the right thing is done extremely well for the first time and it lasts”.