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What is the meaning of Designated Workplace Doctors (DWDs)?

Corporate Health Check-Up in Singapore

According to the “Ministry of Manpower Singapore (MOM), workplace safety and health act”, all stakeholders are required to take precautionary measures for the safety and health of workers and those directly involved and affected by the work environment. Workplace safety and health management system (SHMS), require workplaces to have follow the features to ensure safety, audit and review the policies …

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Do you wish to become an experienced trainer?

personal trainer singapore

 Are you really excited about the capacity to help others achieve their fitness objectives? What’s standing in your way? If your purpose is to become a personal coach this season, these tips can help you get there. We wish to see you become successful so that it is possible to share that success with others around you, most notably your …

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What is Presbyopia and what should I do?

cataract surgery

Presbyopia is long-sightedness which is caused by the loss of elasticity of our eye lens and mostly occurs in the middle and older age. The eye condition which occurs due to both myopia and hypermetropia is called Presbyopia. Myopia is also commonly known as nearsightedness and hypermetropia is known as long-sightedness. Due to Presbyopia, we are unable to see the …

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